3 Great SKYPE Advantage over Whatsapp

I am not trying to say SKYPE is better that Whatsapp. In this article I am explaining SKYPE Advantage over Whatsapp.

SKYPE is a very very good application that runs free services to registered users. Also the Whatsapp is nice. But there are things that differ between them.

You should ask now;  What are 3 Great SKYPE Advantage over Whatsapp?

  • Application – SKYPE has both mobile and Pc application which are downloaded for free. If you check out, you will notice that whatsapp (for now) only has application for all mobile phones.
  • Video calling – SKYPE has video calling features which whatsapp do not have.
  • Already sent message can be edited an resend back again, but whatsapp do not accept editing already sent message.
  • Downloading System Requirements – As we all know that as the whatsapp feature are small so the system requirement for downloading it is small.

To download SKYPE Click here | To download Whatsapp click here

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