3 Ways to Download Youtube Videos you can’t imagine

Before I started making this article a question came to my mind, which could probably be the same question people ask; Can One download Youtube Videos? The answer is “Yes”. Not just a yes, but also many ways to do that.

But in this article am going to show you “3 Ways to Download Youtube Videos”  be it on mobile phones or PC.

The reason I have concentrated in mobile devices is because the number of mobile uses are much. In fact people now do most things on mobile, which suppose to be done in computers. Its an interesting technological world!

Officially, after Youtube.com was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005, any registered users can freely download Videos from Youtube (which include video materials like; music (audio/video), Tutorial videos, movies, any kind of materials that is presented/packaged in videos), until November 2006, Google bought it from them for US$1.65 billion.  YouTube now operates as one of Google’s subsidiaries.

I just wanted you to know that fact!

Lets go to the main reason for being here which is; How to Download Youtube Videos.

How to Download Youtube Videos

Method 1.

On your computer system, you will be needed to download an Extension of your choice. This will automatically add a button that lets you download Youtube videos or from any other videos websites online.
for example see image below.

To download this,

  • locate your Mozila browser and “Open Menu”
  • Click on “Add-ons”
  • In the search box, at the top were you will see “search all add-ons” you are expected to type what you want which is, or just type in the box “Download Youtube Videos”
  • Many options comes up, you can select any of them. But I use this;download youtube videosits looks like this after installation.
  • Install it and refresh your browser
  • Now visit www.Youtube.com, select any video of your choice you want to download and click on it. Check out before the share button you will see a “download button”, click and start downloading.

Method 2.

In this method you can also download videos online with your computer and your mobile phone. So this is how it works.

You will have to visit a website called: “savefrom.net”. On the site, there are ways to start download online videos, which is either by copying the Video url you want to download and paste on the site then start downloading or download the savefrom.net extension

Lets use the “copying the Video url you want to download and paste on the site”.

  • visit www.youtube.com or any other video site,
  • Copy the video url
  • visit www.savefrom.netdownload youtube videos
  • Paste the url in the box
  • then click on the button beside the box
  • You can now choose whether its mp4 or mp3, this depend on your choice.

Method 3.

In this method you can use the Torch browser. Once you enter an video websites, it automatically inform you to download if you want.

I hope this article was useful to you. Kindly say some thing in the comment box below, or tell us if you have an better great idea to download Youtube.com videos for free.


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