Why Animals Need Water To Survive | Importance Of Water To Animal

Water is considered to be the source of life. It is important for animal life, Sometimes, there are many nutrients or chemical compounds dissolved in water, and the concentrations often decide which animals can live them. For example, some fish like herrings live in salty sea waters, whiles tilapia and salmon live in fresh water with very little or no salt concentrations. Below is Why Animals Need Water To Survive .

Why Animals Need Water To Survive

  1. Water takes part in digestion (hydrolysis of protein, fats and carbohydrates).
  2. Water serves in absorption of digested nutrients
  3. It helps in the transportation of metabolites in the body.
  4. Excretion of waste products
  5. The regulation of body temperature is dependent partially on the high conductive property of water to distribute heat within the body and by vaporization of excess water release by metabolic reaction within the cells.

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Please Note: The importance of these different sources of water differs among animal species depending on diet, habitat and ability to conserve body water.

In summary, animals needed to be served sufficient and cool water, and it must be free from any forms of contamination.

The water must be from a clean and healthy source and must be served with clean water troughs. If animals are starved of water for a very long time, they die and that will be a loss to the farmer.

Water must be available for animals at all times, except in situations where there is need to withdraw water from them. Birds such as broilers and layers are very sensitive to water and it is a factor that determines their production and performance.

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