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Best Prepaid Plans | Cell Phone Plans for You to Have

Are you finding it difficult to save money monthly on your cell phone bill? well no need to worry because we have made research on Best Prepaid Plans for you and your family.

Best Prepaid Plans

With prepaid plans, you pay ahead of time instead of at the end of each billing cycle. Prepaid plans let you get wireless service without a credit check, and you’re not tied to any contract. There is no need of you choosing so much prepaid plan.

  • Metro by T-Mobile

Metro by T-Mobile offers the best overall rates for prepaid subscribers across the industry.

it’s a four-line unlimited plan for $120 a month or two lines for $80, Metro by T-Mobile includes taxes and videos alongside unlimited talk, text, and data. There are less expensive offerings as well for individuals or families including a $30 offering that adds unlimited talk, text and 2GB of data.

Most Metro by T-Mobile plans also include 4G LTE mobile hotspot connectivity as well as Wi-Fi calling and nationwide coverage thanks to parent company T-Mobile’s coast-to-coast network.

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  • Simple Mobile

Simple Mobile is simply the best in which ever plan you pick (except Truly Unlimited) as the phone carrier has lots of value for their prices and network consistency is very good. look at their offer..

  • 1 GB Plan: $5 off
  • 2 GB Plan: $2 off
  • 6 GB Plan: $3 off
  • Truly Unlimited: $5 off
  • Truly Unlimited 2.0: $3 off

Why You Should Use Simple Mobile

  1. It is Very Easy to Understand
  2. You will have Discounts for Subscribing for the Auto Re-Up
  3. You can access the Customer Service, Free of Charge.
  4. It has Remarkably Better Phone Selections than Other Prepaid Phone Carriers.
  • Cricket

Do you know that Cricket offers 5GB data with its $40 monthly plan, but you can bring your monthly bill down to $35 by signing up for autopay. Unfortunately, Cricket, which uses AT&T’s network, caps LTE speeds at 8 Mbps so you take a performance hit. Cricket doubled the size of its low-cost $30 a month plan to 2GB as well.

  • Straight Talk

Straight Talk has once again boosted how much data it gives you with its tiered plans, and the new 25GB option starts at $45 a month. (Low-data users can turn to Straight Talk’s 3GB plan which costs $35, though Cricket’s similarly priced plan still offers more data.)

  • Virgin

After trying to reinvent itself as an iPhone carrier with just a single unlimited data plan, Virgin has shuffled things up. (It’s also selling Android devices again.) Virgin offers 5GB of LTE data for $35 a month and 10GB for $45; there’s also an unlimited option.

How to Choose a Prepaid Plan

Picking the right prepaid phone plan for you doesn’t have to be a headache. It’s as easy as deciding:

  • What your monthly budget is
  • How much data you need per month
  • How many calls you make each month
  • How many text messages you send each month

Once you know the above listed, you will not find it difficult to choose a prepaid plan.

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