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Debie Rise’ Dad Held A Deliverance Session For Her After BBNaija

Debie Rise’s dad opposed her participation at the 2017 Big Brother Nigeria reality TV show, he was not joking at all. This, the singer has just revealed in new interview. It was really funny as Debie Rise’ Dad Held A Deliverance Session For Her.

Debie Rise’ Dad Held A Deliverance Session For Her

Debie revealed that she ran away from home to be a part the show because her religious dad opposed it. During the show, her father called Big Brother, demanding that the singer be sent back to Nigeria. When asked if she wanted to go back, Debie said “no!”.

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Many people worried for her after the show ended, and luckily, when she called him upon her return to Nigeria, her father reaffirmed his love for her.

However, the ordained pastor took his disgust for the reality TV show to a new high. In her interview with Channels TV, the singer said her father went as far as conducting a deliverance session for the singer, by laying hands on her to ‘cast out’ things he assumed she must have gotten during her stay at the house.

Here’s what she told Channels TV:

“When I Came Home They Asked Me To Kneel Down So They Can Cast Everything From Me But At The End Of The Day, I Have Heard So Many Women Say, I Want My Daughter To Be Like Debie Rise. I Thank God For How Everything Turned Out.”


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