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Have you ever wanted to invest in Canada? Now here is an opportunity for you to know How To Buy Stocks In Canada Online. Before you invest in any stock you need to know the meaning of stock, the necessary requirements needed and the benefit when you invest with them. This all we shall be showing in this write up.

How To Buy Stocks In Canada Online

Stocks can also be referred to as shares, represent ownership in a corporation. They give the owner of the stock, also known as the shareholder, a claim on company assets and earnings. Before buying a stock, you need to know the different types of stocks that is available which are listed below;

  • Common: This provide the owner with voting rights at shareholder meetings
  • Preferred: while preferred shareholders have a preferred claim on earnings, such as dividends. Preferred shareholders also have priority if the corporation were to go bankrupt.

Note that this stocks can be divided into several different classes.

Before choosing any of this stocks you need to get as many information as possible in order to know the right stock to buy. For you to buy stocks in Canada online,  you need to place an order through a stockbroker either in person or by phone. Stockbrokers would then enter an order into their system linked to the exchange where the stock was being traded.

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Why should I invest online?

The reason why you need to invest online is because of the following;

  • Freedom to choose and manage your own investments
  • Lower per-transaction trading costs, commissions and account fees
  • Better investment selection, including commission-free ETFs
  • Access to real-time data, research tools, reports and analysis

Opening an Account with an Online Broker

When you are ready, you can set up and fund your account from your phone, tablet or computer. Online brokerages will provide instant access to buying securities. They will take you through a questionnaire and provide access to portfolio recommendations based on your risk tolerance, investing time frame and financial goals.

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Summary of Best Online Brokerages in Canada 

BrandBest For
1. QuestradeLow Fees 
2. QtradeExcellent Customer Service 
3. Scotia iTradeLarger Deposits (Over $50,000) 
4. TD Direct InvestingCouch Potato Investors 
5. BMO InvestorLine Self-DirectedUser-friendly platforms 
6. Virtual BrokersResearch 

How To Buy Stocks In Canada Online

Best Online Brokers

Below are the best online brokers in Canada;

  • Questrade – Best Overall
  • Qtrade Investor – Best for Research
  • Interactive Brokers – Best for Professionals
  • TD Direct Investing – Diverse Trading Tools
  • CIBC Investor’s Edge – Transparent Fees

Which Online Brokerage Is Right For You?

For my money, Questrade is the online brokerage that checks most of the boxes in 2019, especially the big ones for me, low overall fees and ETF accessibility. Virtual Brokers remains a formidable competitor, as do a number of others.

To figure out which online brokerage offers the best landing spot for your hard earned money, the best place to start is to figure out which features are most important to you.

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