How To Start Catfish Farming Business In Nigeria | Earn Big

Catfish Farming Business is a lucrative one which when you start you can earn big, in this write up we shall be showing you How To Start Catfish Farming Business without stress.

How To Start Catfish Farming Business

Before you venture into catfish business, you need to ask yourself the following questions;

  • How much capital can I afford to start the business? ( Small Scale or Large Scale.)
  • How many Catfish farmers are in my vicinity? (Knowing this would inevitably help you attach yourself for practical training, if you want, and would also help you determine the competition in your farm area.)
  • What is the demand for Catfish in my area? (Demand is not equal everywhere.)
  • Can I have the time to oversee the farm or do I need to employ a fish farmer? (You need to know for proper budgeting.)

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  • What is Catfish farming’s ROI (Return on Investment.)

Please note that Once you can be able to answer these questions above, then you are good to start.

Items Needed To Start The Business

  • Land For Catfish Farming

One has to acquire at least half plot of land in a suitable location. This means, you must consider good access road, closeness to market and labor. If the land is already available, it is good. Then we apportion it as follows:

1. Location of ponds
2. Location of farm house
3. Location of water supply and lastly, location of drainage facility. The last point is very important, as you don’t drain your water to constitute public nuisance.

  • Pond Planning

Once the pond was dug and the area has been developed, there is nothing you can do to undo the work and recover the cost. So, extensive planning to start a catfish farming before he finally decides whether it is wise for him to pursue the particular type of pond construction project is very important.

  • Water Supply Source

The best water for catfish farming is from bore hole. One or two must be sunk to guarantee a steady water supply. Overhead tanks for holding water should also be installed. The mechanism of pumping of water must be back up facility. The system must not fail because the fish needs water to sustain.

  • Pond Construction

It is advisable to engage the service of a consultant. The success or failure of this project depends largely on construction of standard ponds that can stand the test of time.

Risks Involved In Catfish Farming Business

  1. Managing a fish farm is relatively more difficult than a goat or snail farm or even poultry.
  2. Losses resulting from mistakes or management slips is always more fatal in fish farms than in any other case.
  3. Fish from fish farms are always priced higher than freshly caught fishes. So you might find it more difficult selling your fishes if there are many fishermen in your market.
  4. Setting up a fish farm is very capital intensive. Much more than most other animals.

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  • Fish sells faster than most other animal products in the market.
  • Fish grows faster than most other animals; hence, the period of the ROI is shorter.
  • Fishes are bought in bulk also by people making health and beauty products.
  • There’s a very steady demand for fishes in the market.
  • The ROI from fish farming is very attractive and is enough compensation for your time and money.

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