How To Vote On BBNaija Housemate Via WeChat, via SMS & website

As we all know that the BBNaija is going and for you to keep your favorite housemate, all you need to is to vote for them and below is How To Vote On BBNaija Housemate.

How To Vote On BBNaija

In this write up we shall be showing you how you can vote your favorite housemate via WeChat, via SMS & website. All you need to do is to follow the procedures that will be shown to you below;

There are several ways how to vote on BBNaija. Here is the full list of all voting platforms you can use:

  • Big Brother Naija voting site (online)
  • WeChat
  • Mobile website

How To Vote On BBNaija Via SMS

To vote for your favorites is easy through text message option. Each SMS equals to one vote, but every show fan is allowed to send up to 100 SMS. Isn’t it cool?

Here is how it usually works:

  • Step 1. Take your mobile phone.
  • Step 2. Start a new text message. Write this text: Vote housemate-name (there should be a space between Vote and name).
  • Step 3. Send your message to the Nigerian number 32052 (this option is not available to people who are outside Nigeria).

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Each text message usually costs 30 Naira, so keep in mind that your vote would cost you 30 Naira and 100 votes would be 3000 Naira.

Big Brother Naija Voting Site

Those fans of BBNaija who don’t want to spend money but still wish to vote and choose their favorite housemate can take the advantage offered by the BBNaija official site

When the show is on, you can register an account within the website like this:

  • Step 1. Visit the site here.
  • Step 2. Click on Sign In (if you are registered) or Register (if you don’t have an account yet).
  • Step 3. Provide your mobile phone number in this format +2341234567 if you are registering a new account and wait for the passcode, which would be sent to you via text message on your phone. Use this code to finish registration.
  • Step 4. Each registered user usually receives up to 100 free online votes to use from a computer.

How to Vote on WeChat for Big Brother Naija

Using WeChat can be free for you. You can add up to 100 votes to support your favorite housemates. Here is what you should do:

  • Step 1. Download WeChat software.
  • Step 2. This application needs to be installed on your phone, so install it after download.
  • Step 3. Adding one special ID (ID Africa magic TV) is must-do if you would like to vote at no additional cost. You will only have to pay for the data used, but the 100 votes themselves are free to send.
Please Note that BBNaija voting is an important process of this show, and many of us cannot wait to choose his or her favorite housemate and couple.
We hope this information was useful to you and don’t forget to use the comment box below.
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