How To Watch Netflix For Free | Watch Free Movies On Netflix

So many have been asking this question on How to Watch Netflix For Free and where they stream or…

So many have been asking this question on How to Watch Netflix For Free and where they stream or watch free movies on Netflix. In this write-up, we shall be answering the questions above.

How To Watch Netflix For Free

Netflix is a paid streaming service which means you have to subscribe to the necessary plan before you can stream or watch Netflix original series and movies. The Netflix free trial is one of the popular and exciting plans that offer you 30 days of unlimited access to watch all original content of Netflix. Afterward comes the various pricing plans with different costs attached to the plan. Certain tips offer you a 3-month free plan or forever plan to watch Netflix movies and tv series.

How To Share Netflix Accounts with Family or Friends

To Share Netflix Account Follow the steps below;

  • Go to
  • Click on the User icon.
  • Select Manage Profiles.
  • Click on Add Profile.
  • Set up a profile for the person and click Continue.
  • Finally, click Done.

Do you know that When someone shares their Netflix account with you, you don’t need to even pay again to watch movies and TV shows on Netflix? However, Netflix allows you to set up to five different user profile and each user are entitled to their movie’s playlist.

Netflix Free Trial – How to Get Netflix for Free

as a new user, Netflix offers you a 1-month free trial where you can enjoy all the streaming features. Also the Netflix content library “movies and tv series” without paying. The amazing thing is that it offers you no commitment policy. Meaning that you can make cancel your free trial without being charged on the next payment. The interesting aspect of the Netflix trial, you can create multiple accounts as you like and cancel your 1-month free trial before the date limit.

In the meantime, you can visit the link on your web browser, and select a free trial to get Netflix account for free. Another way on how to get Netflix for free via the Netflix free trial, click the link to direct you to the page. Keep in mind, when creating a multiple free trial account, you need to use a different email account. If you use your previous email linked to an existing Netflix account that was canceled, this will activate your account back online. Above all, you must not forget to cancel your free trials a day before it ends. If you don’t cancel your free trial on time, you will be charged from your billing method.

Additional Way to Get a free Netflix Account Forever

On the contrary, certain companies that include cell phone provider and also cable companies that offer you a free deal that comes with a free Netflix account. This is not free since you’re required to purchase one of their product or services. Before you can get a free Netflix account without actually paying for a Netflix account. One of the popular cell phone providers in which you can get a free Netflix account forever is T-Mobile.

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