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Most time you keep hearing people talk about how they are using their Facebook fan pages to grow their…

Most time you keep hearing people talk about how they are using their Facebook fan pages to grow their businesses. Facebook fan pages simply mean creating a page (fan) on the platform to connect with users on the platform.

Make a Fan Page On Facebook

Fan pages can be created by any Facebook user, though you must first create a Facebook account if you don’t already have one.

To make the fan page you the follow the steps below;

On Computer;

  • Go to on your computer browser
  • On the create page category, click on “Get Started” below Community or Public Figure.
  • Enter the page name you’d like to use.
  • From the category box, select “Just for Fun”.
  • Then hit on “Continue”.

The Fan page will be created immediately. Upload an image for the fan page.

On Mobile

  • Open your account and tap on the menu tab.
  • From the dropdown, tap on “Pages”.
  • Select “Create Page”.
  • Tap on “Get Started”.
  • Enter the page name and tap on “Next”.
  • Choose a category and subcategory. On the category, select “Other” and on subcategory select “Just for Fun”. Then tap on “Next”.
  • Add a website link if required or needed. Select next.
  • Add a profile picture and cover photo.
  • Then tap on “Visit Page”.

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To create the page, you need to be logged in on the platform create an account if none.

Facebook Login Page

Logging in to your Facebook account is simple and fast. You can sign in using the app or site. Follow below to login;

  • Launch the app or go to
  • Type in email or phone number and password of the account.
  • And hit on Login.

If the details are right, the account will be loaded.

Facebook Account Needed

Creating a Facebook fan page can only be done when you have a profile on the platform. Facebook account is simple and fast to create. Also, the process is free. You can create the account using your phone number or email address. Follow the instructions that I will be listed below to create a Facebook profile;

  • Install and launch the app on your device or use the web browser and go to the Facebook official URL at
  • Provide the name used every day, first name, and last name.
  • Select your date of birth from the options and also the gender for the account.
  • Type in your number or email. And then create a password for the account.
  • Hit on Sign Up.

The account will be created immediately. But to complete the creation process, you will be prompted to confirm the email address or mobile number you’ve used for the account.

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