Malaysian Government Scholarship Program For International Students

The Malaysian Government Scholarship which is under the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) has opened a portal for international students who wish to study in Malaysia to apply for the scholarship. This article contains all information you need to know in regard to the application and requirements.

Malaysian Government Scholarship

Brief About Malaysian Government Scholarship 2021

The Malaysian Government Scholarship for international students is sponsored by the Malaysian Government to attract excellent students and scholars to study and live in the country.

The programme is being supervised by the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) which is under the purview of the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia. It is responsible for EMGS is promoting Malaysia as the international education hub of choice, and also it is the principal body that manages the movement of international students in Malaysia, which includes visa processing.

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The Malaysian Government Scholarship is open to all international students and courses can be taken in any of the higher educational institutions in the country. The programme is for all levels of studies, such as Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and Doctoral degree. It is fully funded which covers virtually all study expenses.

What Are The Requirements For Malaysian Government Scholarship

The requirements for Malaysian Government Scholarships are:

  • Applicants must have secured admission to study in Malaysia
  • Applicants must not be more than 45 years old as at application time
  • Applicants must have excellent academic record.
  • Applicant must have evidence of English Language Proficiency:
  • Applicant must provid health certificate from a certified a doctor/physician.

Documents Required For Application Of Malaysian Government Scholarship

The documents required for the application for the Malaysian Government Scholarship are:

  • Fully filled Application form (to be filled online)
  • Valid Passport with at least 6 months validoty
  • Acceptance letter from Malaysian higher educational institution (if required)
  • Evidence of academic records and academic transcripts
  • Applicants must submit transcripts of their undergraduate studies
  • A copy of English Language Proficiency tests (TOEFL or IELTS);
  • Letter of Recommendation from two (2) referees;
  • Endorsement form MTCP Scholarship
  • Letter of purpose / Statement of purpose
  • Curriculum Vitae

What Are The Benefits Of Malaysian Government Scholarship

The scholarship is fully funded and will cover: Tuition Fee; Cost of Living; Visa Fee Medical Claims; End of Study Allowance; Practical Training Allowance; Travel Allowance; Thesis Allowance; Placement Allowance; Family Assistance Allowance; House Rental Allowance; Tools Allowance and Book Allowance

Malaysian Government Scholarship Nationalities

Every international student is eligible to apply for the programme as far as he/she meets the basic requirements

Numbers of Awards

The number of beneficiaries for the programme isn’t specified.

How To Apply For Malaysian Government Scholarship 2021

The application procedure for the Malaysian Government Scholarship is online. The steps to follow are highlighted below:

Step 1: Apply to Study in Malaysia

The first step to take in order to be qualified for the scholarship is to apply for a course in any of the institutions of learning in Malaysia. Once you have been accepted, you will be issued an acceptance letter. Then, you must ensure you meet all the criteria, before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Register and Fill Application Form

Once you are satisfied that you meet the requirements and have all the documents required fully scanned and in PDF format, you should now log on to to create an account. Once you’ve created an account, you can proceed and fill the application form, where you need to provide all required information thoroughly. Having done this, submit the application.

Step 3: Wait for Selection

There won’t be any notification from the body responsible for the scholarship until the application deadline is offered. After the deadline, any application submitted will be automatically dismissed. The application will be assessed based on the requirement given and if you are being selected, the committee will contact you via the email address provided during the application.

When Is The Deadline For The Application Of the Malaysian Government Scholarship?

The deadline given is August 16, 2021. The programme is in preparation for the 2021/2022 academic year.


The Malaysian Government Scholarship Program for international students is created to attract excellent students and scholars to study in Malaysia, live and work. It is an annual programme which is being supervised by Education Malaysia Global Services (EMG), a company responsible for promoting Malaysia international reputation. Courses under the programme can be any of the courses offered in the Malaysian institution that offered you admission. The requirements for specific levels of study might be slightly different to the mentioned ones, so while applying to ensure you review the requirements as it is subjected to adjustment.


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