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How To Produce Germicide (izal) | Production Process For Making Izal

Germicide such as Izal is a very important disinfectant product in our homes,hospitals,Eateries,schools,Restaurants and hotels. In this article we shall be showing you How To Produce Germicide (izal).

How To Produce Germicide (izal)

Germicide serves as an important cleansing substance that helps to destroy bacteria and germs which causes infection and illness to man and even animals.Β izal is use for cleaning of floor, toilet, bathroom, kitchen counter or slabs and tiles. Izal is very easy to make and does not cost much.

It does not consume much time neither does it consume energy. Once you put down your head to learn and know it perfectly,you can generate a reasonable income from it especially in an area where there is lack of job opportunities.

You can stand out as an employer creating jobs for others to benefit from and you can start your own medium enterprise by learning how to make germicides like Izal and dettol. Below is the Production Process For Making Izal.

Chemicals Needed For The Production of Izal

The chemicals for making dettol, Izal or any disinfectant can be gotten from any Chemical stores across the country. They are cheap and can be used for making your desired dettol or Izal or any disinfectant.

Texapol 1 cup

* Phenol 1 cup

* Lysol 1 cup

* Pine oil 1/2

* Izal Concentrate 1 cup

* white binder 1 cup

* Carbolic acid 1cup

* Izal Booster 1 cup

* Water should be 3 litres

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Please Note: your measurement should be dependent on the quantity of Izal you want to make for instance,the measurement above is just for 5 litres of Izal however,you can increase the measurement if you want a larger quantity of Izal.

Production process for making Izal

Mixing Process

Step 1. Dissolve texapol with Phenol in a bowl

Step 2. Add pine oil and stir it properly

Step 3. add Lysol and stir also

Step 4. add the Booster and keep stirring

Step 5. add 2 liters of water to it

step 6. dilute the carbolic acid and the white binder with a little water and add it to the other content and stir.

Step 7. add the concentrate and stir very well

Step 8. Finally pour the remaining water into the mixture and stir properly.

Then your Izal is ready for both household use or for sale.

For more or any inquiries onΒ How To Produce Germicide (izal), you can use the comment box below as we guide you more on any products you wishes to produce.


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