Rihanna once ban her makeup artist

RihannaWhy Rihanna Once Ban Her Makeup Artist  – From the resent update that got to us, Rihanna agreed that she once ban her makeup artist from using the  perfume that reminded him of his ex-guy.

Rihanna further gave her reason why she had refused her makeup artist from wearing that perfume  that return back to her bad memories. Below his her comment;

“There was even one point where my make-up artist was wearing a perfume I used to wear with an ex. And I was like, ‘Don’t. I know exactly what you’re wearing. Don’t wear that tomorrow because I don’t want to think about that.’ ‘

She added: ‘I want them to feel fun in this fragrance. This fragrance is all about a fun mood, a flirty mood, and that’s what young women are.”

She further added that she wanted to create a good memories she has always wish for young womem.

Rihanna went to the launch party of her perfume in a pink outfit similar to the advertising campaign. With its impressive hairstyle and colored lips, the singer looked stunning in an outfit among the girly she ever laid ( outside her cupcake dress) . As for the perfume RiRi , it is certain that none of his ex will not recognize it.

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