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Do you wish to watch Tanzania Movies and you do not know the Top Films To Watch? Then this writes up is for you. All you need to do is to keep reading the article below and select the one you would love to watch.

 Tanzania Movies

Tanzania is amongst the most beautiful places in the world, with all the features necessary to attract both tourists and investors. Here are the top ten films to watch that will get you in the mood for your trip to Tanzania.

  • Savage Harvest (1981)

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Director Robert Collins tries to reflect the dangers faced by the communities living in remote areas in Africa, especially those of marginalized communities living in rural areas, faced with the threat of being attacked by natural predators. Collins reveals the plight of Mr Casey’s family, trying to avoid being attacked by a pride of lions, and trying to save themselves from a sticky end. But the problems revealed by the characters in Savage Harvest are nothing compared to the realities faced by the Maasai community living in Kanjiro, around Ngorongoro Conservation Area. As their settlements now fall within the Ngorongoro ecosystem, they have to co-exist with lions and other natural predators every day. You can click here to watch

  • Siri ya Mtungi (2013)

Top Films To Watch

When speaking about a Swahili film that truly reflects the life of Tanzanians from the coastal area, Siri Ya Mtungi will be the first film to come to mind, as it really reflects this way of life. Filmed in Bagamoyo and Dar Es Salaam, this is an authentic and thought-provoking film which won’t leave you neutral. The main theme in Siri ya Mtungi is the fight against HIV/AIDS through the prevention of mother-to-child transmission; other themes include the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and sexually transmitted infections, drug trafficking and thug life. In addition, the movie reveals the culture of the communities living around coastal areas, including cultural norms like the Taarab song and polygamy.

  • The White Maasai (2005)

This is a story of love at first sight, in which a well-educated Swiss woman falls in love with a poor Maasia warrior (Moran) living in a remote area in Kenya. They speak different languages and know nothing about each other, yet they end up getting married. The relationship goes awry when an unfortunate truth is revealed.

  • Nairobi Half-Life (2012)

Nairobi Half-Life stars the young Joseph Wairimu (Mwas), among the most credible young actors in East Africa. Wairimu portrays the life of the young people whose desire it is to be successful in the media industry, specifically in filmmaking and production, and so he decides to travel to Nairobi where he can explore his potential. However, when he gets to Nairobi he finds himself entering into gang life after meeting Oti, who later on becomes his best friend.


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  • The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980)

Once you visit Tanzania for the first time and hear young people and children talking about the ‘Msandawee’ film or ‘Bushmen’ film, they’re talking about The Gods Must Be Crazy, a South African comedy directed by Jamie Uys. The film reflects jungle life in Africa as the main actor in the film. The main character, Xi, was living in the Kalahari Desert with his community members, and they were happily going about their life because they knew nothing of the external world, until their world is upended by the mysterious appearance of an unknown artefact: a Coca-Cola bottle.

  • Trash (2014)

This movie, set in Brazil, features three kids – Rafael, Gardo and Rat – who discover a wallet that had been thrown into the trash bin by José Angelo. The discovery of the wallet brings them into conflict with police officers, as the wallet has very crucial information about a famous politician in the city. But at the end of the film, the three kids manage to serve the community as they reveal the misuse and misallocation of budgetary finances by the politicians. In Tanzania, similar problems persist, and once you decide to act like Rafael and his friends, you will potentially be in huge danger of ending up in jail or suffering at the hands of the people you’re trying to uncover as criminals. This has happened a lot recently to journalists in the country.

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