Western Union Agent Registration | Western Union Phone Number

Do you know that Western Union has more than 340,000 agents and locations that accept payments from individuals to pay bills, people, and transfer money all across the globe world. Below is Western Union Agent Registration form for all those who has the interest of becoming an agent can apply now.

Western Union Agent Registration

Western Union is a money and message transfer service based out of the United States, with agents all around the world. For you to become one of the agent, you must register. Follow the below procedures to apply as one of the agent.

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  • It gives you the opportunity to increase your revenue and grow repeat business
  • It Strengthen consumer loyalty by offering additional convenience with new services
  • Gain new consumers by offering money orders, money transfer, and bill payment

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  • Receive Western Union equipment and training for you and your employees
  • Become part of a global network of business servicing millions of consumers annually

Western Union Agent Features

  1. Make fewer calls to customer service and get immediate answers to the most frequently asked Agent questions.
  2. Conveniently process and track password change requests.
  3. Save time with a direct connection to our online training tool.
  4. Instant access to key business reports and network management tools for designated users.

Western Union Agent Registration | Western Union Phone Number

  • Visit the Western Union’s agent portal website at http://agentportal.westernunion.com
  • Click on the “Become an Agent” section near the bottom of the page.
  • Download and fill in form which requires the following;

> Your name,

> Company name,

> Address,

> And any tax identification numbers.

  • Click on submit

Please Note: You will receive a notification of acceptance or rejection from Western Union in approximately 15 business days. If accepted, you will subsequently receive a Western Union agent number.

Become An Agent

That is how the form you will fill look like.

Western Union Phone Number

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