Zulily Credit Card Payment : How to log in and apply

Zulily Credit Card Payment

Zulily credit card payment: In this card review, we’ll tell you all information about this, how to use it and how you can apply. You’ll learn how to make payments with the card and more. Do you know about this credit card? Well if no, this is the right platform to know about it.

Zulily Credit Card Payment

This credit card is just like every other card; you can use it to make payment for items. The difference between this credit card and other credit cards is that zulily credit card is owned by synchrony bank.

Most stores accept the use of this credit card; you can easily pay for any item you buy with this card. However, you’ll be charged an annual fee of $0, which means that this card is free. The purchase APR is 27.99% variable, they’re a much more beautiful benefit that goes with this credit card.

This credit card is very popular among customers that use it to buy item. However, it’s a store branded card that is accepted in stores. Their interest rate is very high, and they charge zero annual fee. This credit card is different from other network for example Visa card and master card. You can use it in any other stores not just in zulily store.

You will get 15% discount on every item you buy; this discount will be given to you the first one year you received the card.

Benefit of Zulily credit card Payment

Zulily payment card have so many benefits that’ll interest you, you can see some of the benefits below.

  • It charges a 0% fee.
  • You’ll get a 15% discount on every item you buy within the one year you use the card.
  • It’ll provide you with access to the season offer and a good deal.
  • It’ll break your payment up into three parts.
  • You’ll receive a good bonus when you use this credit card.

All this and more are what you’ll gain only by having this credit card. Zulily offers a smart option; this allows you to cut down your payment into three parts. It has a low application requirement, we’ll show you an easy way you can apply for this card.

How to Apply for Zulily Credit Card Payment

To have this card, you’ll have to apply for it. We’ll show you the steps you can use to apply for a Zulily credit card.

  • Go to your browser, search for the zulily website.
  • Search for the credit card option on the website.
  • Click on the “apply now” option.
  • Proceed to the next stage.
  • You’ll be provided with an application form.
  • Fill in your details in the form that you’ll be provided it.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, click on the continue button.
  • Select the credit card option of your choice.
  • You’ll get a confirmation of your request, if you didn’t any that means is trying to process your request.

When you’re done with this, you’ve completed the application. However, you can use this credit card anywhere apart from their online store. And there are different ways you can make payment with this card. You can pay through your credit card account online; you can also pay with your phone.

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Zulily credit card Payment

This card is like every other credit card; you can use this card to make payment in different ways. We’ll show you some of these ways in this article.

  • You can make payment with this card online. To do this just login to your online account to make the payment.
  • Another way to make payment is by a phone call. You can contact their service assistance through this number 855-597-4790.
  • You can also make your payment through your mail. Send a mail to synchrony Bank, and make your payment through the mail.

Zulily credit card Alternatives

We’ll be looking at the differences between this card and another credit card. As we already know, this credit card has some special benefits that other cards don’t have. It’ll help you to understand how this card functions and more things you’ll gain.

Zulily card and Chase freedom Card

A Chase credit card is a classic cash bank credit card. It’s also beneficial for users who can increase category rewards. However, it’s different from the way Zulily card works. Chase credit card requires good credit that’s from 690. If you don’t have it the credit card will not be issued to you. But Zulily card can be issued to you without much requirement.

This credit card gives you a welcome bonus of $150, that’s if you spend up to $500 within three months. Apart from the 5% cashback, you’ll receive, you’ll also receive $300 in cashback from category purchase.

Zulily card is one of the credit cards that’ll give you good bonus as you use their card. So many citizens have benefited from it while some prefer it to another credit card.


In summary, the use of this card is very easy and easy to handle, just like the information we’ve provided here for you, you can use them to apply for a credit card. We also provided the number of their customer service, in case you find any step difficult, you can contact them.

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