Zuma Revenge Game Download | Zuma Revenge For Android & iPhone

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Zumas revenge is a very simple game but also really an addictive game. Zuma revenge game is out with more awesome and amazing features not only on PC or computer but also on Android too. Yes, the Zuma game is available on an Android device. Below is how Zuma Revenge Game Download can be done.

Zuma Revenge Game Download

This game has two points, the first point is where the stones roll from. It is the Starting point, with a force pushing the stones. The second point is the finishing point, this is where the evil monster stays waiting for the treasure stone. Whenever any stone gets to this point then the game is over for the frog. Below is how you can download it.

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Zuma Revenge Game Download | Zuma Revenge For Android & iPhone

There are steps you must follow when you want to download this game on the iPhone, I am going to help you out by showing you these steps.

On Computer:

To download the Zuma game on your PC or computer then you should go to the Microsoft store:

  • Just search for the Zuma game.
  • You will see results been displayed on Zuma game all types of Zuma game will appear.
  • Just select the latest one.
  • When you have seen it just click the game.
  • Then you will be directed to where you can download the game.
  • Just click the get button to start the download.
  • But if you are not familiar with the Microsoft store then you should access another computer game store site to get this game.

This is how to download this game on PC or Computer.

On Android:

  • Acess or go to the google play store.
  • After that then access the search bar at the top of the page.
  • Search for the Zuma game.
  • When you have seen it, just click it, and then you will be directed to a new page.
  • On this new page just click “install” to begin the download immediately.

This is how to download Zuma on android.

On iPhone:

  • Open your App Store.
  • Then tap the search tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now search for Zuma game.
  • When you have seen it, tap “get” next to the Zuma game.
  • Also then tap “Install” to begin installing the game.


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