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Glo Yakata – How To Subscribe To ‘Glo Yakata’ And Enjoy Free Data

Glo Yakata is a prepaid plan which rewards customers with amazing data and voice benefits every time they recharge their Glo lines. The plan allows customers to satisfy their browsing and talking needs from the same recharge.

Glo Yakata

Glo Yakata Call Rate Calculation.
You will be charge from your voice bonus account first before moving to the main account. However, since you can’t make international call or pay for any other value added service with the bonus account, you will be charge from the main account for them.

  • Glo to Glo call rate for this Yakata tariff is: 55 Kobo per Second. That’s 33 Naira per minute.
  • Glo to Other Networks in Nigeria rate is: 70 Kobo per Second. Amounts to 42 Naira per minute.
  • SMS charges: 4 Naira per message on main account and 14 Naira per message if charged from bonus account.

Benefits of Glo Yakata

Maany people will be asking what are the benefit of glo yakata?, Well glo yakata benefits include:

Β· Voice benefit can be used to call ALL NETWORKS; the more you recharge, the more value you enjoy.

Β· If your 1st recharge of the month is N200 or more, you will get a special data bonus that is 2.5 times higher than the regular data benefit.

Β· You will enjoy this special data offer on every first recharge of the month for six months.

Β· Bonus is valid for 7 days

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How Migrate to Glo Yakata?

For new customers, it is pre-loaded with the plan. On purchasing any Glo SIM card, you’ll automatically be on the Yakata SIM.

Meanwhile, for exiting customers, the migrating steps is quite simple and straight-forward. Just dial *220# to migrate. While new and old customers are to confirm if you are on Yakata package, by dialing #100# on your Glo line.

What is the bonus validity on Yakata?

Like many other special offers, the Glo Yakata validity date has been set to 7 days from recharge date. That gives you a lot of time to exhaust your bonus freely. And also note that, you cannot accumulate validity days but you can accumulate your Glo Yakata bonuses.

How much do I pay for making calls on Glo Yakata

*. Glo to Glo calls are charged at 55k/sec for both main and bonus accounts
*. Calls to other networks are charged at 70k/sec for both main and bonus accounts
*. SMS is charged at N4/msg from main account and N14/msg from bonus account

How do I Check my Yakata Bonus?
Simple, all you have to do is to dial #22*1# and it will be displayed to your screen. And lastly, you can’t share your Glo Yakata bonuses, MB with another Glo customer!

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