R&S Lotto | How To Play R&S Lotto With Mobile Phones

Do you know that R&S Lotto is now the most popular lotto people now prefer to play and win,…

Do you know that R&S Lotto is now the most popular lotto people now prefer to play and win, this is because R&S LOTTO is one of the favorite Lotto companies in Nigeria played by millions of people.

R&S Lotto

Do you that you can play R&S and win big, this is just depending on your strategy, you can win lots of money, but at the end of the day, this is a game of chance, and no combination gives you a guarantee to win.

How to Play R&S LOTTO

Follow the procedure below to play r&s lotto:

1. Locate the lotto outlets where you will play your game.

2. Request that you want to play R&S LOTTO

3. You will be given a payslip where you fill your numbers.

4. Make the payment after which you will be issued with a ticket and wait for the draw.

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R&S LOTTO Winning Plans

There are different plans to go for when playing R and S LOTTO Nigeria.

  • 3 Direct Plan

This is one of the highest paying plans in the R&S LOTTO. Just as the name implies, you pick three numbers out of the five winning numbers.

  • 2 Sure

This is another playing plan where you pick two numbers which you are sure will be in the winning set of numbers.

  • Banker

This strategy known as banker allows you to pick one number that you are convinced will appear among the winning numbers.

One Against Others

In this package, participants stand one number against others. For instance, you can stand one number against 10. If you stand 34 against 33-11-23-48-12-09, the number 34 must come with one of the numbers that stand against it so that you can win. If 48 comes with 34, you then win a prize or 23 comes with 34 and so forth.


This is similar to what happens in other lottos around the world. It is simply a combination of numbers that enhance your chances of winning R&S LOTTO Nigeria.

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