Best Nursing Schools in Canada for International Scholarships

Best Nursing Schools in Canada

Nursing plays a great role in the medical profession and it is highly respected in Canada. This is so because the country brings a lot of opportunities with in-depth research associated with the profession. Below are the Best Nursing Schools in Canada for International Scholarships.

Best Nursing Schools in Canada

With the current global pandemic, the demand for more skilled nursing professionals has skyrocketed placing the nurses as part of the emergency healthcare workers in the world.

Canada is known to be a land filled with plenty of opportunities and it is such a great place for one to achieve the nursing degree aspirations.

Nursing Groups in Canada

There are three main nursing groups in Canada and they include;

  1. Registered Nurse (RN)
  2. Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), or
  3. Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN).

Registered Nurse (RN): RNs usually are required to complete a four-year university nursing program in order to become a registered nurse in Canada. This nursing program entails the theory and clinical instruction needed in medical and surgical nursing. How to make use of their professional ethics and therapeutic relationships.

The four-year university program also prepares the students to give care to people and how to take up emergency roles of coordinating communities and populations in regards to the health care setting.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN): for this, the nurses must also complete a nursing program at the university and it usually takes up to two years. The program outline for LPNs contains nursing theory and clinical courses for both medical and surgical nursing.

Their education is based on the nursing theory which is taught in school about the physical and biological sciences. LPNs are also trained to provide and coordinate care for individuals and groups as related to their health professions. They are trained to work with different categories of people and learn to cope with serious health challenges.

Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN): RPNs must complete a 2 to the 4-year psychiatric nursing education program at the university. Their program contains mainly theory and clinical instruction in psychiatric and general nursing procedures. RPNs are also trained to provide care for their patients with complex psychological, mental health, and other physical needs.

In order to be able to practice your nursing profession in Canada, you should have an in-depth understanding of the three categories of nursing outlined above to understand

If you want to study nursing as an undergraduate or on a postgraduate level, below are some of the top universities which offer great nursing programs in Canada.

  1. University of Toronto: is one of the oldest universities in Canada which offers a wide range of degree programs in which nursing is a part. The University of Toronto offers different nursing programs such as;
    1. the Bachelor of Science in Nursing,
    2. Master Programs,
    3. Nurse Practitioner Diploma amongst others.

The QS World University ranking ranked the university’s school of nursing 2nd place among other nursing schools. Tuition is expected to be about $51,660.00.

2. University of Alberta: is also an old institution and one of the best universities in Canada. Its school of nursing offers many nursing programs and degrees both at the bachelor’s degree and postgraduate level. Tuition for domestic students is about $6,207.60 and $25,978.40 for International Students.

3. Université de Montréal: this is another high-ranked university in Canada that offers quality nursing programs. The faculty of nursing which is housed by this university ranks 51-100 in QS World Universities ranking for Nursing Schools in the world.

Language can be a bit worrying for international students who wish to study nursing at the University of Montreal because the programs are taught in French and you would need to understand the language before you can begin your studies. For tuition, you can expect to pay about $1,195 to $8,186 per session for International Students.

4. The University of Western Ontario: this is a public university in Canada and one of those which house the best nursing schools. The school of nursing allows its graduates to practice their profession in whichever part of the world.

At the University of Western Ontario, the tuition fee for international students is about $39,836.00 and $6,050.00 for Domestic Students. Others in the list of the Best Nursing schools in Canada are:

5. McMaster University: this university is located in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Its school of nursing was ranked 19th by QS world ranking in the year 2018. The university offers varying degrees in nursing and diplomas as well.

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6. University of British Columbia: is also a public university in Canada and ranked as one of the best nursing schools in the country. The university offers both undergraduate and postgraduate nursing degree programs.

7. McGill University: the arm of the nursing school officially started in 1920 in this university in Montreal and has since produced notable and well-trained professionals. The McGill school of nursing offers different programs and courses such as;

  1. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN).
  2. Bachelor of Nursing (Integrated) for undergraduate students, and
  3. Other master’s programs and nurse practitioner studies.

8. University of Ottawa: The University of Ottawa is another great university in Canada which houses one of the most sought-after schools of nursing. The university offers its courses and programs in both the French and English languages.

It is in fact, stated to be the largest bilingual university in the whole world. The school of nursing in this university is under the faculty of Health Sciences where it offers

  • Bachelor’s degrees in Nursing
  • Master’s, and also diploma and
  • Nursing practitioner studies.

9. Queen’s University, Kingston: is an old public university that officially began in 1841 and since then has offered many accredited courses to its students. The university offers both undergraduate, diplomas, and other postgraduate nursing programs.

10. University of Calgary: The university is another notable institution in Canada that offers one of the best nursing programs. Although it is not as old as most of the universities on this list, it offers many accredited courses and programs.

The nursing school in Calgary, Canada offers undergraduate nursing degree programs and other graduate nursing degree programs. While choosing any of the above listed top 10 best Nursing schools in Canada, it is also important to know the cost and duration of the study based on the schools.

Cost and Duration of Studying in the Best Nursing Schools in Canada

Studying abroad is usually a great feat when you have to consider the total cost of living and studying in the country of your choice. Studying for a nursing degree in Canada entails a lot more and the tuition fee structure would heavily depend on the type of program you are intending to take up and the university of choice.

Some universities charge more than others for foreign students and there are also some institutions that offer scholarships and other student grants to assist in funding your degree. Studying for a bachelor’s Nursing degree in Canada would cost approximately CAD $40,000 per year on tuition and living expenses.

The duration of the nursing program in Canada is about four years for undergraduate programs and you would be trained on how to work as a registered nurse. For postgraduate studies, the duration can be one or two years. It is important to note that, the duration of your nursing program largely depends on the type of universities you attend and the courses which are taught.

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