AUC Scholarship Fund to Study in the Netherlands

AUC Scholarship

Here in this write-up, you will find general information about the AUC Scholarship Fund (ASF), including how to apply, how to donate, or how to become a sponsor.

AUC Scholarship

Stichting AUC Scholarship Fund (ASF) supports excellence and diversity in the AUC student body by facilitating access to the AUC programme for talented and underrepresented students. The ASF scholarship recipients and Talent Fellows enrich AUC’s community by diversifying the student body and bringing a broad depth of knowledge, experiences, and thoughts.

In a multicultural city such as Amsterdam, it is essential that outstanding underrepresented students are not only invited to join AUC’s selective honours programme but are granted the means to participate. Through the fellowships and scholarships offered by the ASF, talented students are able to work toward academic success and realise their enormous potential.

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Eligibility Amsterdam University College Scholarship Fund

In order to be eligible for selection for an ASF Scholarship, you must meet the following requirements.

  • You must apply for a place at AUC. Admission to AUC is a separate process. Only AUC students can receive an ASF scholarship.
  • You must have excellent school results. These will be taken into consideration by the ASF Selection Committee when assessing your academic merit. They will not see your AUC admission application, but they will receive information on your average secondary school grade (GPA). If you want to communicate anything to the Committee about your school results, make sure you include it in your letter of motivation.
  • You must have a strong motivation to study at AUC. The ASF Selection Committee will look for this in your letter of motivation.
  • The ASF Selection Committee is also interested in your extracurricular accomplishments and activities relevant for AUC, as well as your (potential) leadership profile and skills. Make sure you write about these in your letter of motivation.
  • You must be able to demonstrate your financial need. In other words, explain in your letter of motivation why it will not be possible for you to study at AUC without a scholarship.

Worth of Award

The AUC Scholarship Fund offers two levels of full ASF Scholarship:

  • EU students: EUR 5100 per year
  • Non-EU students: EUR 15300 per year
  • “EU students” includes Dutch students, and refers to students who are eligible to pay the statutory tuition fee for AUC (wettelijkcollegegeld).
  • Partial scholarships may also be awarded (these are usually 50% of the above amounts).

How to Apply for AUC Scholarship Fund to Study in the Netherlands

If you are interested in Amsterdam University College Scholarship Fund and you are eligible for the scholarship, click here. You can also apply here.

Application Deadline for Amsterdam University College Scholarship Fund

The application deadline for the scholarship is April 1, 2022.

Amsterdam University College Application deadlines

  • September 2022*
    • 1 December 2021 (‘early-bird)
    • 1 February 2022 (regular deadline)
  • September 2023
    • 1 December 2022 (‘early-bird)
    • 1 February 2023 (regular deadline)

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