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Looking to boost your online privacy without breaking the bank? There’s a world of free VPNs available for both mobile and PC devices. These VPNs offer a permanent solution, not a limited trial, but with some potential limitations.

While free, some services might restrict data usage, daily or monthly use time, connection speeds, or the number of devices you can connect simultaneously. It’s crucial to weigh these limitations before choosing a free VPN to ensure it meets your needs.

However, the suitability of a free VPN depends on your specific needs and requirements. Let’s explore further.

  • Considerations for VPN Usage: When it comes to accessing cryptocurrency platforms like Binance, using a VPN is not recommended as it can lead to the risk of being banned. Therefore, it’s important to evaluate whether a free or paid VPN is suitable for such purposes.
  • Overcoming Geo-Restrictions: On the other hand, there are music and movie streaming websites that restrict access based on your location or country. By using a free or premium VPN, you can bypass these restrictions and gain access to the content that was initially denied to you. However, it’s worth noting that certain free VPNs may still have limitations when it comes to streaming certain platforms.

Choosing the Right Free VPN

  • Security First: Always prioritize security features like strong encryption and a no-logs policy when choosing a free VPN.
  • Speed Considerations: Free VPNs often have slower connection speeds due to server congestion.
  • Data Limits: Free VPNs typically limit data usage. Consider your needs and choose a plan with a sufficient data allowance.

How VPNs Work to Protect You

Imagine a secure tunnel you build between your device and the internet. That’s essentially what a VPN does! It uses three key components to encrypt your data and safeguard your privacy online:

  • The Tunnel: A VPN creates a virtual tunnel that encapsulates all your internet traffic. This tunnel acts as a private pathway, shielding your data from prying eyes.
  • Encryption: Think of encryption as a secret code that scrambles your data. A VPN secures your information, making it unreadable to anyone who might intercept it within the traveling process into the tunnel.
  • The Server: A VPN server acts as your intermediary on the internet. Once your encrypted data travels through the tunnel, it reaches the VPN server. The server then decrypts the data and forwards it to your desired website or online destination. The server acts like a mask, hiding your true location and IP address.

Are Free VPNs safe and secured?

The question that should come to your mind is “If free VPNs offer all expected services, then why go for a paid package?” While free VPNs can provide access to restricted content, they may expose your online privacy by denying account encryption, location privacy, and security. Additionally, using a free VPN can sometimes result in slower internet connections.

List of Best Free VPN

After several research for the best free VPN for PC and mobile, we have resorted to listing the following free VPNs you can comfortably use without plugging in your debit card.

  • ProtonVPN Free
  • Windscribe Free
  • PrivadoVPN Free
Free VPNsData LimitLogsAdsConnectionCountries
ProtonVPN FreeNoNoNo11
Windscribe FreeNoNoNoUnlimited
PrivadoVPN Free10 GBLimitedNo110

ProtonVPN Free

  • Unlimited Data: Unlike most free VPNs with capped data, ProtonVPN lets you browse freely without worrying about hitting a limit.
  • Security-Focused: Proton is known for its commitment to user privacy. Their free plan includes a kill switch and WireGuard protocol for strong encryption.
  • Drawbacks: The free tier offers fewer server locations to choose from, and torrenting is not allowed.

Windscribe Free

  • Large Server Network: Windscribe Free boasts a wider selection of server locations compared to many competitors, giving you more connection options.
  • Unlimited Connections: Connect multiple devices simultaneously with the free plan, keeping your whole household covered.
  • Streaming Potential: Similar to PrivadoVPN, Windscribe Free might unblock some popular streaming platforms, but success can vary.
  • Data Limit: The free plan includes a 10GB monthly data cap, so be mindful of your usage.

PrivadoVPN Free

  • Customization Options: This free plan offers features like split tunneling, letting you choose which traffic goes through the VPN and which doesn’t. You can also select your preferred encryption protocol and utilize a kill switch for added security.
  • Streaming Potential: PrivadoVPN Free might unblock some popular streaming platforms, but success can vary depending on the service and your location.
  • Data Limit: Keep in mind that PrivadoVPN Free comes with a 10GB data limit. While you get good speeds until you reach that limit, speeds become restricted afterwards.

While there’s a vast array of free VPNs available, some offer minimal data allowances as low as 500MB, making them impractical for most users. This guide focuses on the top free VPNs that provide a more usable experience, but it’s still crucial to understand the limitations before you connect.

Free VPN Limitations: Understanding the Trade-Offs

Free VPNs offer a tempting solution for budget-conscious users, but it’s important to understand the limitations before diving in. Here are some key drawbacks to consider:

Slower Speeds: Many free VPNs experience slower connection speeds due to server congestion. This can be especially noticeable after reaching your data limit.

  • Data Caps and Restrictions: Free VPNs often come with data caps, limiting the amount of data you can transfer each month. Streaming or downloading large files can quickly eat through your allowance. Additionally, some free VPNs might throttle your connection speed after reaching the data limit, making browsing frustratingly slow.
  • Security Concerns: Not all free VPNs prioritize user security. Some may log your activity or even inject malware into your device. It’s crucial to choose a free VPN with a strong reputation for security and a clear no-logs policy.
  • Limited Server Availability: Free VPNs typically offer a smaller selection of servers compared to paid options. This means you might have fewer choices for spoofing your location and bypassing geo-restrictions.
  • Limited Features: Free VPN plans often lack advanced features found in paid subscriptions. These features might include split tunneling (choosing which traffic goes through the VPN), a kill switch (automatically disconnecting if the VPN connection drops), or support for multiple simultaneous connections.

Remember, free VPNs can be a valuable tool, but they come with trade-offs. Weigh the limitations against your needs to determine if a free VPN is the right choice for you.

Benefits of Using VPNs

When you browse the internet without a VPN, your information is exposed. Your location, browsing activity, and even downloaded data can be monitored by your internet service provider (ISP), websites you visit, or even hackers.

A VPN steps in to address these privacy concerns. By encrypting your data and routing it through a secure tunnel, a VPN shields your online activity from:

  • Online Snooping: Your browsing habits and data remain hidden from ISPs, governments, or anyone trying to track your activity online.
  • Hackers: The encrypted tunnel makes it extremely difficult for hackers to steal your sensitive information.
  • Content Restrictions: Some websites or services might be restricted based on your location. A VPN can help you bypass these restrictions by masking your true location with the VPN server’s location.

The Bottom Line:

Free VPNs offer a budget-friendly option for basic online privacy and security. However, they come with limitations. If you need unrestricted data, access to specific streaming services, or the most advanced security features, consider a paid VPN service.


In the context of VPNs, data is the information that travels between your device and the internet while your device is connected to a VPN. Please note this information travelling includes all your online activities like browsing websites, streaming videos, downloading, or sending emails, etc.

In the context of VPNs, ads are promotional message banners or reminders that are displayed within the free VPN user dashboards. In most cases, these ads are ways in which those free VPNs rely to generate revenues.

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