Easy Steps To Subscribe To a YouTube Channel On Android, iOS and PC

YouTube is one of the best video platforms with large numbers of users who use the American owned streaming…

YouTube is one of the best video platforms with large numbers of users who use the American owned streaming service to enjoy series of video content. I’m sure, you have ever watched a video on this platform called YouTube. Have you ever try to follow a particular video channel on YouTube and you couldn’t find it anymore after you might have logged off? This article will put you through Easy Steps To Subscribe To a YouTube Channel and enjoy the best of it.

Easy Steps To Subscribe To a YouTube Channel

What are YouTube Subscribers

Subscribers are simply the people that choose to receive updates from a specific YouTube channel. It is like followers on Instagram and Twitter. When an individual subscribes to a channel which they like its content, the channels being subscribed to are more like to appear prominently around YouTube.

Why Do You Need to be a YouTube Subscriber

The major reason to subscribe to a channel on YouTube is to get to see more content from those channels you like. In the sense that you will always be updated whenever new content is being uploaded from the channel, and you can decide to watch now or later.

Another reason is maybe to help the channel grows its subscribers’ strength, as it is one of the ways in which they can get paid for what you are enjoying (for perhaps free).

How to Subscribe to a YouTube Channel

The steps to follow are thus:

Step 1: Lunch your YouTube app or go to m.youtube.com.

Step 2: Sign in to YouTube.

Step 3: On the home page, you will find a series of channels of your interest.

Step 4: Below the channel, you want to subscribe to, click the “channel” icon.

Step 5: Now, click “Subscribe”.

Step 6: That’s it.

Note: Once you subscribe to a channel, you’ll see a list of recommended channels on your screen. These are based on related channels that you’re not already subscribed to. You can always view a channel’s content before subscribing.

Also, as soon as you’ve subscribed to a channel, you will be receiving notifications about the highlights from that channel. You can opt to get a notification every time the channel publishes content by changing your notification settings. It is pertinent to note that won’t get notifications if a channel’s audience is set as made for kids.

How to Unsubscribe a YouTube Channel

For a reason or other, you want to opt-out from the channel you’ve subscribed to. The following steps will put you through:

Step 1: Sign in to YouTube

Step 2: Go to a video whose channel you want to unsubscribe to.

Step 3: Under the video player, tap “Subscribed”

Step 4: Now tap “Unsubscribe”.

Note: Once you’ve unsubscribed from a channel, you’ll get a notification confirming you’ve unsubscribed from a particular channel at the bottom of the screen. Also note that if you unsubscribe and then re-subscribe to a channel, your notification settings will be reset.

How to Search for Channels to Subscribe to on YouTube

  • Liked Channels: There are many channels you’ve liked, try subscribing to these channels you are watching on a regular basis.
  • Recommendations: On the YouTube home pao, there are many recommended channels available, you can pick from them.
  • Browse by category: If you want to see channels about a particular subject, like music, sports, comedy, or games, go to browse channels to see popular channels across different categories.
  • Do a search: Try searching your interests on YouTube. You can then use a filter on your search results to show channels relevant to what you searched.

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How Many Channels Can You Subscribe to on YouTube

You have limitations to the number of channels you can subscribe to.  You can only subscribe to 75 channels per day. In general, you can subscribe to a maximum of 2,000 channels. However, your subscription limit grows as your YouTube channel does — it’s tied to the number of subscribers your channel has or how long your account has existed, so your exact limits may change over time.

How Much Does it Cost to Subscribe to a YouTube Channel?

Noting! Subscribing to a YouTube channel takes no coin from your wallet, however, there is a paid service that enables subscribers to purchase public badges, emojis, and access to creator perks offered by the channel.

The premium service goes for at least $4.9 per month and the subscription payment large depends on geographical location. It is usually only for one month and not renewed automatically, so you have to make the payment each month yourself if you want to keep enjoying those special services from the channel host.

Conclusion: Subscribing to a channel on YouTube goes with no stress. The steps highlight above worked for Android, iOS and PC. You can opt for a paid subscription to enjoy the channel service at its best and have a badge pops up whenever you comment on the channel. Every channel is free and as well as it is paid.

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