Create A 2go Account – 2go Login | 2go Registration

Do you know that 2go is another popular way of communicating with friends and family and at the same time it will enable you to meet with new friends? Below we shall be showing you how to Create A 2go Account.

Create A 2go Account

To register for 2go you do not need many requirements and there is no fee charges that is attach to it, all you need to do is to follow the procedure below.

For you to get involved in chatting with your friends, family and also meeting new friends, all you need to is to open a 2go account and you will enjoy easy communication.

Why Is 2go Important

So many people will be asking why should i use 2go, Well the reason why you should ues 2go is as follow;

  • 2go allows you to communicate with your friends easily and for free.
  • 2go does require a network connection which your mobile operator charges you a small amount for, but this costs much less than it would cost to send an SMS.

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2go Registration – Create A 2go Account | 2go Login

To creat a 2go account follow the procedures Below;

To access the 2go registration form on your mobile phone,

  • Go to; (For PC visit;
  • Choose your country
  • Provide other details needed for the 2go registration
  • Choose a user name (in this case some times if you choose an already user name, 2go will have to make a choice for you)
  • 2go will generate a password for you (But later you can change the password, that is after your 2go Sign up  is complete)
  • Then the 2go messenger starts to download
  • After the download, you will have have to put in your picture, import contacts
  • You start chatting with your 2go messenger
  • you are now a 2go user.

Features Of 2go

It is very necessary for you to know the features of 2go which are:

2go Credit

This 2go credit works with your real money in your phone and to get this 2go credit you must buy it from and without the 2go credit, you can not chat on 2go chat rooms because this 2go credit gives you access to rooms in the 2go Rooms.

2go Rooms

2Go room is just like a forum where you find different topics (News, Education, Politics, Entertainment, etc) and by clicking/taping of any – you will enter the discussion with others.

2go News

This is the place you get updated on what is happening on 2go

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2go Friends

This contains all your friend that you have on 2go and that you added up.

2go Profile

2go Profile carries the information your friends get to see on 2go, In this your 2go profile you can provide your photos so that your friends will know whom they are chatting with.


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