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Create New Account With Viber

I know you might have heard about the viber, but will be wondering what is it all about. Viber is an Application that enable user to make Voice call, Video call and also for send short messages using a Mobile Device or PC. Below is how you can  Create New Account With Viber.

Create New Account With Viber

Before we move on how you can create a viber account, we shall first of all show you the features of viber. Look below and see the great features of having a viber account;

Features Of Viber

  • Viber allows you to send Free text messages to your loved ones.
  • It also allows you to Make Free Audio Calls & Video Chats.
  • You can Express more with funny Stickers when you have the viber application on your phone.
  • It allows you to have Group chats with friends, families and loved ones.
  • You can have a Public chat when you create the viber account
  • There are different Viber Games when you create the account

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How To Create New Account With Viber

1. Visit or Google Play store

2. Select your mobile platform before downloading.

3. Lunch the application

4. Select your country

5. Enter your mobile number

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6. Click on continue icon.

7. The next page is the verification page were you will tap YES.

8. A short code we be sent to you

9. Enter the code to verify it.

Please Note that Once the code is approved, you’ll be signed into Viber with your new account.

That is how you create a Viber account in both PC and mobile phone. We hope this article gave you some insight to create a Viber account.

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