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Password isn’t just enough to conclude a secured account. Its true that some devices using fingerprint as a mode of logging into an account, but still not enough because of its not omnipresent feature yet. SMS authentication method would have even been a prefered option than the fingerprint itself. But of all Duo Mobile Two-Factor Authenticator offers you a secured login.

The free Duo Mobile offers Two-Factor Authenticator and its most recommended by many websites. The interesting thing is that Google Authenticator which happens to be a similar product – works on all website, and Duo Mobile works wherever Google Authenticator app is accepted.

You need a Two-factor Authentication for logging in on any website or an online account you have like your Bank account (internet banking), Social media platforms, your email account, etc. The two-factor authenticator is by far the best and acceptable and its free of charge to use.

The rate at which accounts are highjacked is because the password is weak. However, a strong password should be a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special symbols.

For example; $AGTnshgtd209%1h

Passwords like this can take time to guess. But the issue will be remembering it, right? So that is also why you need “Password Manager” to help you remember your passwords for all your accounts. Still, you need the 2FA to protect your account 100%.

Because there are even some cases where strong passwords are created but yet account is hacked into, the reason is no Two-Factor Authenticator enabled. In fact, any account without a 2FA is vulnerable to hacking.

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What Mobile Two-Factor Authenticator Means

Two-Factor Authenticator simply means adding another secured process of logging into an account. In other words, if you have input your password – that’s one-factor authenticator, then going through another process is called the “Two-Factor Authenticator”, which can also refer to as “2FA”.

Most websites have the 2FA feature and recommend Duo Mobile for its functionality.


Duo Mobile Authentication App Usability

Duo Mobile is more advanced than Google Authenticator, as the Push feature offers authentication with a single tap, but you just have to work through its complex initial setup.

You need to go through a simple process to use the Duo Mobile app;

  1. You start by installing the app on your iOS, Android, or Windows Phone.
  2. Make sure to enable the app for 2FA on a secure site simply by following that site’s instructions as if you were going to use Google Authenticator.
  3. Snap the resulting QR code with Duo Mobile and you’re ready to go.

Duo already has ore than 40 third-party accounts listed, with “other” to add more accounts not listed.

Before I forget, you don’t have to create an account before using Duo Mobile Authentication app.



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