Yoparty App: How To Play Music Across Multiple Android Phones

YoParty App

For music to be listened to across multiple devices, it has to be saved into the local drive of the devices. But do you know you can play music on your advice and your friends and others can be listening to it on their phones separately? Yes. You read that right. You don’t need to go through downloads, Bluetooth, Xender, or any other sharing App just like the Yoparty App.

This is possible with the XOS features called the Yoparty App,  which allows one to listen to music through the phone just by scanning the QR code of the host device. Read through this article to get details about the Yoparty App.

Yoparty App

What’s party App

The YoParty app is a mobile application that allows you to synchronize or play the same music across multiple supported Android smartphones, at once. It is an app developed by infinix. It comes pre-installed on most recently produced infinix phones (like version 9.0 Pie + XOS 5 Cheetah UI and above) but can work on other Android devices provided their version supported it. Using YoParty app is one is having a mini party in the room, where you hear the same music coming out from multiple phones simultaneously.

How to Set up YoParty App to Play One Song Across Multiple Smartphones

The process to use the YoParty on infinix and another Android is simple, especially for infinix phones, as it comes with it pre-installed. The set-up procedure is as follows:

Step 1:  Launch YoParty App on your smartphone

Step 2: On the homepage, click “Create Party”. You will see all the songs on your mobile device listed beneath and a QR Barcode above.

Step 3: Launch the YoParty App on the other smartphone

Step 4: Click on “Enter Party”

Step 5: Now scan the code on the master phone that will play the song

Step 6: Scroll to the song you want to play and click “play”. That’s it. All phones connected will be listening to the same song at a goal.

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What to Note When Using the YoParty App

  • You need internet connection to create or enter a party
  • YoParty App comes pre-installed on Infinix devices and works best with same products
  • It doesn’t work with any infinix version below 9.0
  • Only six devices can be connected at goal.

Conclusion: YoParty App is specially built for infinix lovers to enjoy streaming or playing the same song(music) across multiple digital devices, at the same time, or at once. It can be with smartphones, headsets, Bluetooth speakers, etc. It is just a way to save you from the stress of transferring music before others can listen to it on their device. But to use the app, you must have an internet connection, else you won’t be able to enjoy the mini-party!

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