Hungary Study Residence Permit | Application Requirements And Procedure

Hungary Study Residence Permit

Hungary has etched her name among one of the best destinations for international students in Central Europe. It currently has up to 20,000 international students, most of which are from Asia, Africa and other European countries. Just like in most European countries, when you wish to stay and study in Hungary, you must obtain a study residence permit. If you are seeking a way to get it, this article on Hungary Study Residence Permit has the problem solved.

Hungary Study Residence Permit

What’s Hungary Study Residence Permit

The Hungary Study Residence Permit is the legal document issued to foreign students to allow them to study, live and work in Hungary. The validity of the permit is usually a year, but often times last till the study period of the holder. With the visa, EU citizens can work without needing an additional document, however, non-EU citizens will need to process work permits before being allowed to work on a part-time basis in the country.

To process the permit, non-EU students will have to apply for Schengen Visa known as  “Type C” in order to gain entry into the country, while EU citizens did not need an entry visa to enter the country.

What are the Basic Documents for Obtaining Hungary Study Residence Permit

The basic requirements for obtaining Hungary Study Residence Permit are:

  • Applicants must be a foreigner
  • Applicants must have secured admission to study in any of the universities in Hungary
  • Applicant’s study period must be above 90 days
  • Applicants must be in good health and free from crime

What are the Documents Required Hungary Study Residence Permit

Documents required for Hungary Study Residence Permit are

  • Study Visa application form (Type C, for Non-EU citizen)
  • Passport with at least 3 months validity
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • Letter of Acceptance form the university that gave you admission
  • An English language proficiency test score
  • Evidence of academic qualifications and transcripts
  • Tuition fee evidence /Scholarship
  • Evidence of health insurance
  • Evidence of accommodation in Hungary
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover living expenses in the form of bank assurance/statement
  • 3 stamped envelopes addressed to the applicant

Application Process for Hungary Study Residence Permit

To process for application for the Hungary Study Residence Permit, applicants from non-EU countries need to first apply for the study visa, which will allow them to gain entry to the country, after which they can now apply for the residence visa. The steps below will guide you on the application process:

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Step 1: Apply and Accept Offer to Study in Hungary

The first step for all applicants who wish to study in Hungary is to apply for a course at any of the accredited universities in the country. Having done that, if approved, you will be issued an acceptance letter which serves as evidence that you have been offered provisional admission into a particular university in Hungary.

Step 2: Gather All Required Documents

Once you have been offered admission to study in Hungary, now you need to gather all the documents required, including the printout of the acceptance letter and get ready for the next step.

Step 3: Obtain Application Form

You now need to fill an application form for either a short stay or a long-stay visa. This can be obtained online or at the nearest Hungarian embassy or consulate to your place of residence.

Step 4: Visit Hungarian Embassy for Biometric and Submission

Then you need to visit the Hungarian embassy or consulate to submit your application form and other required documents. You will need to get your biometric captured and pay the application fee. It is necessary you check the embassy’s website to know if you are to book an appointment before visiting.

Step 5: Wait for Decision

The authority will have your application and documents vetted, once satisfied, you will be sent a notice on how to get the visa. It is usually through the mail. Unless, if, you cannot receive it through the channel. Once you get the visa, you can book a flight and enter Hungary.

Apply and Collect  Study Residence Permit

When you get to Hungary, you have only 30 days to process your residence permit which will give you the full authority to live and study in the country. This permit is for all international students, however, EU students whose study period is 90 days and below didn’t need one.

What’s the Processing Time for Hungary Study Residence Permit

The Residence Permit will be issued with 15. While the study permit might be up to a month before it is been approved. It is advisable to apply for the study visa 90 days before your course started in order to be saved from any unbecoming issues.

What’s the Cost of Hungary Study Residence Permit

The cost for a study visa and residence permit is at least €60, which might not be uniform depending on the embassy where the study visa is being processed.

What Can I Do With Hungary Study Residence Permit

Aside from study, EU citizens can work with the permit without needing a working visa, while non-EU citizens must obtain a working visa to be allowed to work in the country. All students have only 20 hours to work per week and only on a part-time basis.

Also, holders of the residence permit can sponsor their relative to live with them in Hungary, the sponsor just need to prove that he/she has the means of taking care of the person(s) to be accommodated.


Hungary has proven to be one of the best destinations for international students, especially with its general scholarship, which is serving as a cushion for international students to study in-country and as a European nation. The residence permit is issued to all students whose study period is above 90 days. And it is only issued when the applicant has already landed in the country. Non-EU students, need to apply for a Schengen visa (long-term or short-term, depending on the study time) before they could be allowed to gain entry to the country. The permit can be used to working as well as sponsoring relatives.

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