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Recharge Card Printing Business has always been one of the best Home business in Nigeria. Recharge Card Printing Business is…

Recharge card printing business

Recharge Card Printing Business has always been one of the best Home business in NigeriaRecharge Card Printing Business is a kind of business that never has an expiring date, or high competitors.

This Popular Business “Recharge Card Printing” is putting food on majority of peoples’ table, train them self and family, employ workers and having a good living for them self.

Problems Facing Recharge Card Printing in Nigeria:

Specifically, there are no problem facing the business in Nigeria. Any problem you encounter was caused by you. And that is what I should be explaining below.

Possible Challenges You are  likely to Face as a Recharge Card Sub-Dealer in Nigeria:

  1. Price: If your high your price for “NO JUST CAUSE” then you  see people running away from you and going to buy from other place. On the other hand, if you sell below cost to what you purchased from the direct DEALERS then you will one day find yourself quiting this business. So you have to be very careful. Let me give you an example: OUR LIST OF DEALERS sells MTN at the range of N92 – N94 for N100 PIN, Now as a SUB-DEALER you can sell normal N100 to those who comes to buy one one. Then for the super-market, phone-bot, business centers, etc, you can sell to them N98 for N100 PIN. while you make N4 for each pin you sell. Remember that they will be buying nothing less than 500 – 2000 pins from you at once, and also with time you are going to gather many costumers that will buy from you from time to time. So, be wise!!
  2. Locations: Why I added location is that some people complained that there location was not good for the business. But the through remains that you become what ever you want to be, no matter the location. The question on your mind now should be how????? Now, every uses mobile phones and they also recharge their SIM card (mobile number), no matter the location or now local the place might be. So don’t the scared cos you can also make wave there.

How To Start Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria:

If you have made up your mind to start Recharge Card Printing Business, now this are what you need to start:

  1. A computer
  2. Printer & Paper
  3. Software
  4. and your Costumers

My own duty is to link you to reliable dealers that will sell to you pins cheap, quailty services, and dealers that are current with latest updates concerning the business. If any one tells you he/she is a dealer, you have the right to doubt the person because they are very few in the country, I mean it when I say very few in the country.

So our dealers are very few with special services.

It cost N4,000 Only, to get the list of Recharge Card Dealers. Make a deposit of N4,000 (Four thousand naira only) into any of the Bank account listed below:

Accout No: 0149651074
Account NAme: Nwabuzor Chukwuemeka

Accout No: 3066151282
Account NAme: Nwabuzor Chukwuemeka

Text (SMS) your Full Name, Email address, State and Teller Number to 08032934651.

The List of Dealers, Current price list, office addresses, Mobile numbers and other things you should know about their company will be send to your email address within 40mins after making the payment.

For more info Call 08032934651.

Good Luck.


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