Steps To Create WhatsApp TV On Android And IOS: Requirements To Create WhatsApp TV

Steps To Create WhatsApp TV

WhatsApp is no doubt the most used social media app in the world. Its features see to individual’s enjoyment and businesses. In this article, we shall be discussing Steps To Create WhatsApp TV to boost business sales or become an influencer.

Steps To Create WhatsApp TV

WhatsApp TV, otherwise called WhatsApp Television, uses a WhatsApp account to entertain, educate, and formate users via the status update options. It is also used in advertising products and services and posting memes and adult’s materials.

Understanding the WhatsApp status will help in getting along with the WhatsApp TV. It doesn’t really require more than just having a niche that the TV will be about. A WhatsApp TV is more or less like a social media influencer.

What are the Uses of WhatsApp TV?

Below are the uses of WhatsApp TVs are:

1. Stimulates Social Media Engagement: WhatsApp TV helps increase WhatsApp engagement as it serves as a medium for educating and entertaining friends.

2. Connect People to Your Brand: Another benefit of WhatsApp TV is that it helps people connect to your brand because content posted is usually watermarked, which brings about uniqueness whenever the brand comes across my friends and other individuals.

3. Create Opportunities for Sharing: As the content on the TV is used for entertainment and passing information, it can be easily be shared by friends and other individuals, thereby helping to broadcast the presence of the brand

4. Market Products and Make Money: The TV can be used to advertise products of any kind be it pictures or videos and can be a tool for influencers to make money through advertising of products.

What are the Requirements to Create a WhatsApp TV?

The following are what that is needed to create a WhatsApp TV

  • Mobile Phone: The phone can be either Android or iOS and good Random.
  • WhatsApp Business App: WhatsApp Business should be downloaded from App Store or Google Play Store. This is necessary because it has the best features that suit the WhatsApp TV functions.
  • Status Downloader: This is needed if you want to download and repost a status from your contact. There are many Status Downloaders on App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Video Editing Apps: This is needed to create a watermark on the video to help promote the brand and gain more users. You can simply get it on Apple Store or Google Play Store. Some of them are; LumaFusion (iOS), Apple Clips (iOS), KineMaster Pro (Android) and FilmoraGo (Android).
  • Brand Name: This is an important part of the documents needed to create a WhatsApp TV. It requires setting up the name that the brand will be known for, and this name should be professional in the sense that it should be one that users can easily associate with.
  •  Brand Logo: The logo is also as important as your brand name, and should include a tag line. As a brand name, the logo should be professional.

Steps to Create Whatsapp TV

The steps to Create Whatsapp TV is easy, the highlight is explained below:

Step 1: Download and launch WhatsApp Business

Step 2: Type in the phone number that you want to use for the WhatsApp TV

Step 3: A verification code will be sent to the number used, enter it in the box provided.

Step 4: Now, input the brand name and the brand logo for the account.

Step 5: Click next. The TV is ready to be used.

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How to Create Short Link(s) for a WhatsApp TV

The short link is usually used in inviting friends from across social media to join the WhatsApp TV. The steps are explained below:

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp Business and click on the top three dot menu

Step 2: On the drop down menu, tap Settings.

Step 3: Then, tap “Business settings”

Step 4:  Tap Short link to view the auto-generated link

Step 5: You can now copy and share it to friends.

How Use WhatsApp TV to Make Money

The purpose of creating a WhatsApp is not only to entertain or educate friends, it can be used to make some cool cash. The ways in which the WhatsApp TV can be monetized are:

• Sales of products: WhatsApp TV can be used to sell products to audiences. Things like clothes, shoes, phone accessories and even digital products will captivate your reader’s interests.

• Sponsored Adverts: Another way to make money with WhatsApp TV is sponsored advertisements. This usually occur after the brand has crafted bane for itself and constantly use of watermark.

Affiliate Marketing:  This involves referring your viewers to buy products with your referral link. The product to be referred needed to be talk about first. You know no one will click on a link if they have no clue about it.

Drive traffic to Blog: To get more traffic, bloggers always seek for WhatsApp TV to owners to post link of their blog so that their visitors can increase. And if you get a blog yourself, you can use it for the same purpose.

Conclusion: WhatsApp TV is a technical way of using WhatsApp status to boost business and create revenue. It has been used by most social media influencers to go about their activities of influencing certain products and services. It is functional because it allows one to engage with users one on one and as well as giving ground for a brand, especially a startup business.

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