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Are you asking yourself if is possible for you to Study and Work in Dubai at the same time?…

Are you asking yourself if is possible for you to Study and Work in Dubai at the same time? You do not need to bother yourself anymore because the answer to that question will be given to you here, all you need do is to follow the procedures that will be shown to you below.

Study and Work in Dubai

Dubai has not only been a hub for international business and tourism but education. It is among the top study destinations for international students from over 150 countries as it has universities and colleges that are highly rated, and of international standards.

International students who want to study in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), especially in Dubai, just like in any o er are required to get admission in any of the accredited universities and obtain a study visa. When that is done, you are now eligible to live and study in the UAE.

That seems to be the procedure for other countries as well – to study abroad, you will likely need a study visa. However, in many countries known as international study destinations, once you have your study visa, you will be allowed to work for some specific hours either on or off-campus, that’s not the case in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates.

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In Dubai or UAE, the study visa doesn’t permit you to work. In simpler terms, you cannot work with a study visa in Dubai. This might have poured cold water into your dream of wanting to study and work, having Dubai as the study destination. We are telling you not to take your mind off yet as regards studying in Dubai, because there is a way for you to work while studying in Dubai.

The process of how you can study and work in Dubai is what we are going to discuss in this article. So, if you have been looking for a guide on how possible it is to study and work in Dubai or UAE, you are on the right page. Just take your time, and read through.

Reasons to Study in Dubai

Having discussed briefly the city of Dubai, since we are talking about studying in the city, it is necessary to discuss some advantages of studying in Dubai. These are enumerated below:

1. Relatively Cheap Tuition Fee: Dubai is among the top study destinations with world-class universities and colleges. Though one will expect study expenses will be relatively high, as it is the richest city in the Middle East and Africa, the cost of study in the city, and in the UAE generally is relatively low compared to places like the USA, UK, Australia, and the likes.

2. No IELTS or TOEFL Requirements: To gain admission to most of the universities or colleges in Dubai, you will like need not go through IELTS or TOEFL stress as that isn’t among mandatory requirements. You can study in Dubai without IELTS or TOEFL.

3. Safe for Students: As stated earlier, over 80 per cent of individuals living in Dubai are expatriates, as such it is one of the most accommodating places on earth for students, and any other person. It is worthy to note that all the universities in Dubai are situated in Dubai knowledge village. Students can mix up with other cultures of other countries of the world.

4. Chance to Explore: In this modern-day, Dubai is top for tourist attractions. There are just more than enough for you to explore while studying in Dubai. The tallest building and largest mall in the world is in your neighbourhood. You will get to explore the way of life of the Bedouin, an Arab ethnic group that lives in the Desert, just to mention but few.

5. Job Opportunities: Dubai has seen tremendous growth in various industries, and work is always available for qualified individuals. There is no income or personal tax in the country, as such, there is a high chance of an improved standard of living while working in Dubai.

How to Study in Dubai

There are some things you need to put in place to study in Dubai or UAE. The steps on how to study in Dubai are enumerated below:

Step 1: Search for Universities or Colleges in Dubai

The first step to study in Dubai is to get a university that will offer you admission, and in doing that, you need to search for accredited universities, colleges in Dubai. Compare the tuition fees, and other things. This will help you in deciding which of the university is good for you.

Step 2: Select University of your Choice

Now, select the university that best suits your demand. You need to understand the university, admission policy, and requirements, especially for the particular course you will be offering.

Step 3: Submit Application

Most of the universities in Dubai usually receive applications around June every year. When the application for admission is open, apply through the channel available. You will be asked to submit your credentials like transcripts, Diploma Certificate, High School Certificate, Degree Certificate, Letter of Purpose, Curriculum Vitae, Language proficiency, etc. Ensure you adhere to the guidelines given to apply so you won’t automatically forfeit your admission.

Receive Acceptance Letter

If you are considered for the course you applied for, you will receive notification from the school that you have been offered provisional admission. The school will send an acceptance letter on that effect which will serve as evidence of your admission into the particular university.

Apply for Study Visa

You have been offered admission to study in a particular university in Dubai, but you will not be able to enter the country unless you have Study Visa. So, you will need to process Study Visa through your university and, Dubai Visa Center closest to you (more explanation on this coming in the latter part of this). Once this is done, you can now leave for Dubai and begin your study.

Dubai Study Visa

The Study Visa is required for international students to study in Dubai. It has 12 months validity, which means once issued, it is subjected to renewal after every 12 months. All students are required to get a study visa to be able to study in Dubai, except those from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries which include Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

The visa only permits you to study in Dubai, holders are not allowed to work with it, according to the UAE labour law.

Holders of study visas are however allowed to work in an internship program after getting permission from their university. The university can help students find internships, and students can as well use their contacts to find themselves an internship position, but this has to be related to their study.

Eligible Requirements to Apply for Dubai Study Visa

To be eligible to apply for the Dubai Study Visa, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • You must be 18 years or above.
  • You must have secured admission to study in Dubai.
  • You must be an international student.
  • You must not be a citizen of the GCC.

Support Documents for Dubai Study Visa Application

These are the documents required for the application for a study visa in Dubai:

I. Valid Passport:  The passport is required to have at least 12 months validity.

 ii. Passport-sized Photograph: Twelve passport-sized photographs are required from you. It should be coloured with white background.

iii. Letter of Admission: This is the evidence of admission received from the accredited university in Dubai.

iv. Educational Qualifications:  These include your academic results, transcripts, and other relevant educational documents submitted during admission.

v. Proof of Funds: A bank statement that will verify your source of funds, proof that you can be able to foot the study expenses.

vi. Tenancy Agreement: It is a requirement to get accommodation after securing admission to study in Dubai. There should be a document that will prove that you have secured accommodation.

 vii. Receipt of Tuition Fee: Most of the schools in Dubai will ask you to pay the tuition fee immediately they notified you that you have been offered admission. So, this receipt is among the documents needed to apply for a study visa. If you are on scholarship, provide the evidence instead of tuition fee receipt.

viii. Visa Fee Receipt: Before applying, you must have paid the visa application fee. The receipt will be required at the Visa Center.

Dubai Work Visa Requirements

1. Work application form

2. Emirates ID card

3. Passport (original and photocopies)

4. Valid company card

5. Medical and health checkup certificate

6. Entry permit issued by the ministry of labour

How to Apply for Dubai Study Visa

For most of the visas in Dubai you to have a sponsor, who must initiate your visa process before you can be able to apply properly. So it is for the study visa. To make it less complicated, here are the steps to take:

Step 1: Request for Visa Sponsorship

The school that offers you admission will serve as your sponsor, and they will be responsible for initiating your visa with the UAE I’m migration authority. Once you have fulfilled the needed requirement, the school will initiate your visa, and you shall receive notification in due time.

Step 2: Upload Required Documents

The notification sent to you through email will contain a link that will direct you to upload the required documents. Ensure that the documents are handy before starting the process.

Step 3: Receive Visa

It will take at least three weeks for the documents upload to be vetted by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA), the agency in charge of visa issuance in Dubai. Once the agency is convinced with the documents presented, they will send you a notification as to when to receive the visa.

How to Study and Work in Dubai

Students can work part-time while studying in Dubai.  The study and work part-time policy in Dubai gives room for creative talent to obtain valuable industry experience to complete their studies and to improve their job prospects. The students are given 15 hours to work per week.

The Part-time Work Regulations in Dubai permits students to work at any of the Free Zones located within Dubai’s Creative Clusters – this includes more than 4,500 companies across a wide range of industry sectors including ICT, Media, Sciences, Entertainment, Design and more

Students must take permission from their university before they can be allowed to work in any internships position while studying. The universities mostly make it a responsibility to get their students internship positions.


Dubai is no doubt one of the top destinations for an international study that offers students a quality educational experience, and abundant fun. Schooling in the country demands you have a study visa but the visa doesn’t permit you to work. However, there is a fully established Part-time Work Regulation for students to gain more industrial experience while studying, and this can help students to earn some bucks to support their academics. To cap it up, a Dubai study visa doesn’t serve as a work permit for international students.

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