Switzerland Visa Sponsorship Types, Requirements, Application and Guidelines

Switzerland Visa Sponsorship

This article is a guide on what is required of a person thinking of working or have got a job in Switzerland. It contains the types of work visa, documents required, application procedures and what to do after getting the visa. Let’s get down to Switzerland Visa Sponsorship Types, Requirements, Application and Guidelines.

Switzerland Visa Sponsorship

Brief About Switzerland

Switzerland is a landlocked country located around central Europe. It is bordered by Italy to the south, France to the west, Germany to the north, and Austria and Liechtenstein to the east. Its capital and largest city is Zurich and has a total population of 8.5 million people.

The country Switzerland is a semi-direct democratic federal republic in the sense that federal legislative power is vested in the two chambers of the Federal Assembly, the National Council and the Council of States.

Its economy is a service sector and also has a thriving tourism industry, with hospitality jobs available throughout the country. The country is renowned for watches and chocolates. Those interested in working in the country can find jobs in its renowned banking and finance industry.

Large number of the people living in the country speak English but the official language snare French, German and Italia.

What’s Swiss Sponsorship Work Visa

The sponsorship visa known as a work permit in Switzerland is a type of visa which is meant to be processed by an employer to allow a foreign employee to live and work in the country. Citizens of any of the European Union or European Economic Area/European Free Trade Association are excluded from this visa, however, they will need to apply for the visa after working in the country for 90 days. The work visa is actually a resident permit.

Types of Switzerland Work Visa

Work visa in Switzerland are synonymous to residence permit in Switzerland. The types include:

1. Permit L (short-term residence): The work visa is issued for foreign nationals for a period of 12 months in line with the employment contract. The visa can only be used for work for the particular company in which the visa is issued. There is room for extension but not beyond 24 months.

2. Permit B (temporary/initial residence): Permit B is issued to foreigners to work in Switzerland. The permit duration is 12 months and can be renewed yearly.  If the holder of this permit continuously lives in the country for a period of 10 years, he/she can apply for permanent residence.

The employer with this type of permit, and you can leave your canton. It is called an initial reside permit because if you live in Switzerland with Permit for 10 continuous years, you become eligible to apply for a permanent residence.

3. Permit C (Permanent Residence): This permit is for foreigners who have constantly live in the country for at least 10 years. It allows the holder to become self-employed and holders are at liberty to work for any employer they wish.

What are the Documents required for Switzerland Sponsorship Work Visa

Documents required for Switzerland Sponsorship Visa varies according to types and country, however, generally, the following are documents required for work visa in Switzerland:

  • Valid International Passport: The passport must have at least three months validity and must have been issued within the past 10 years. It should also have 3-4 blank pages.
  • Passport-sized Photograph: Applicant will also need 4 passport-sized with white background. It can be recent or biometric.
  • Qualification Evidence: These include notifications, diplomas, certificates and the likes.
  • Professional Experience Evidence: This has to do with professional qualifications and experiences.
  • Proof that you have tried another means of getting employment.
  • Evidence that you have been employed by a firm or organization in Switzerland.

Notes: All documents that are not in German, French, Italia or English must be translated by professional translator.

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Basic Requirements for Switzerland Work Visa

Applicant that wishes to apply for Switzerland Work visa must ensure that:

  • He/She is a highly qualified worker. This means you are a manager, specialist, or other skilled professional.
  • He/She has at least a university degree or equivalent from a recognized institution.
  • He/She has several years of professional work experience.
  • He/She can prove that his/her experience can improve the social development of Switzerland.
  • He/She has a language requirement that will help to adapt to the Swiss way of life.

How to Apply for Switzerland Work Visa

The Switzerland work visa is due for application only after you have gotten a job in the country. The following step is a guide on the application process:

Step 1: Employer Applies for Employee Resident Permit

The first step towards obtaining the sponsorship work permit in Switzerland is that the employer will walk into a local cantonal employment service. The employer must ensure that the job offer cannot be handled by an EU/EFTA citizen, lest the application won’t be considered. Also, the employee might have submitted all documents that will make the employer prove to the local authorities that the employee meets the requirements.

Step 2: Apply for Work Visa

As the employer is processing the residence visa, you are required to proceed and apply for a work visa which is also called a long-stay or national visa from your home country. EU/EFTA citizens do not need to apply for this visa.

Step 3: Notification from Embassy/Consulate

The local cantonal authorities will inform you, your employer and the embassy of your residence permit and the embassy/consulate will issue you your work visa.

Step 4: Leave for Switzerland

After getting the work visa, you can now make your trip to Switzerland. On getting to the country, you will be given two weeks to register at the Residents’ Registry Office through the local cantonal migration offices.

Step 5: Receive Residence Permit

Having completed the registration at the Resident’s Registry Office, you can receive the residence permit and begin to work legally.

Switzerland Work Visa Cost

The cost of a work visa in Switzerland largely depends on the canton and the applicant’s country of origin. On average, the visa cost $110.

Switzerland Work Visa Processing Duration

The work visa processing duration is between 2-3 months. You are required to consider this before booking your flight.

Conclusion: Switzerland Visa Sponsorship is required for those who want to work in the country. Citizens from EU/EETA are given priority. The permit is very competitive as there is a specific number of visas given to each country. To get the visa, you must ensure you have got employed in the country. The process of the visa for this country is largely under the control of local cantonal authorities.

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