List Of Top Cheapest Universities In Italy For International Students

List of Top Cheapest Universities in Italy

Italy being home to the world’s first university is one of the destinations for international students to study. Schooling abroad is incomparable to studying in one’s home country – it’s usually costly, however, some universities afford students cheaper tuition fees and other expenses. It is for this reasons why we have help compiled a List of Top Cheapest Universities in Italy, especially for those who have the dream of schooling in the country and are not lucky enough to secure a scholarship.

List Of Top Cheapest Universities In Italy

Brief About Italy

Italy is a European country with a long Mediterranean coastline. It shares maritime borders with Albania, Algeria, Croatia, Greece, Libya, Malta, Montenegro, Spain, and Tunisia and as well as international borders with Austria, France, the Holy See (Vatican City), San Marino, Slovenia, and Switzerland. Its capital is Rome and has other beautiful cities.

The country is a parliamentary republic with its parliament being a bicameral legislature that consists of the Senate of the Republic and the House of Representatives. Its executive power is exercised by the Council of Ministers, which is headed by the Prime Minister and the Head of State is the President.

Italy is among the developed countries in the world, and it is the 3rd-largest national economy in the European Union. The country economy focuses on the manufacturing of consumer goods, notable of which are automobile, textile, office equipment, tourism, agriculture etc.

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The country is culturally rich and among the first civilized nation in the world. It is home to 50 Cultural and 5 Natural, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, making it the world’s most Heritage Site alongside China. Aside from that, Italy is the seat of the world first university in the University of Bologna, which was founded in 1088.

It runs free education for all citizens and permanent residents, but its education is cheap for EU citizens and a bit expensive for non-Europeans. All in all, the quality of education in the country is world-class and modern. Students get the chance to learn in English or Italy and have the opportunity to work while working.

Basic Requirements To Study In Italy

Some of the basic requirements to study in Italy are listed below:

  • Applicants should be at least 17 years old (undergraduate).
  • Evidence of qualifications and transcripts.
  • Pre-enrollment application form.
  • Declaration of value.
  • Proof of Italian and/or English proficiency.
  • Passport photographs.
  • Valid International passport.
  • Study Visa

Factor To Consider In Choosing List Of Top Cheapest Universities In Italy

Studying abroad can be a bit costlier, but there are some universities that offer this service less costly for the same course. Here are the factors to consider when choosing List of Top Cheapest Universities in Italy:

1. University Reputation: The first thing to consider is to access the reputation of the university to see if the school is standard and have international recognition. Most universities in Italy are internationally recognized and offer quality education.

2. Location: Another thing to consider is the location. If a university or institution is located in an environment that isn’t friendly for study might make you spend more and even bring some psychological effects to you. As such, you need to understand the geographic location of the school as well as other things within.

3.Cost of Tuition and Cost of Living: Tuition fee, accommodation fee, transport fee and materials fees are what take money away from students generally. When a university offers cheap tuition fee but the living and transportation cost is on the high, there is nothing cheap in that, so to say. Choosing a cheap university, you need to look at these expenses in comparison with others to decide which one to go for.

List Of Top Cheapest Universities In Italy For International Students

Below are the List of Top Cheapest Universities in Italy for International Students

1. University of Modena and Reggio Emilia: The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia is located in Modena and Reggio Emilia, Emilia-Romagna, Italy. It is one of the oldest universities in the country which was established in 1175 and currently has a population of 20,000 students of which 5% are international students. The university offers courses like Engineering, Life Science, Communication & Economics, Law, Education & Humanities, Language & Culture, Diagnostic & Public Health Medicine, Neural Science, Medical & Surgical Science, Chemical & Geological Science, and Physics & Mathematics. The tuition fee averagely is €660

2. University of Camerino: The University of Camerino or UniCam is another one of the cheapest universities in Italy which were established in 1336. It is divided into five schools which are; Science & Technology, Law, Pharmacy, Bioscience & Veterinary Medicine, and Architecture & Design. It is among the top 100 universities in the country with a large presence of international students. Its tuition fee averagely is £660 per year.

3. University of Trento: The University of Trento is a public university founded in 1962 and currently has a total population of 17,000 students. It has seven faculties which comprise a different programme like a vet. Medicine, Law, Agriculture & Food Science, Science & Technology, Pharmaceutical Science, Exercise & Sport Science, Political & Social Science, and Linguistics & Cultural Mediation. The University of Trento holds the largest international partnerships among other higher education institutions in the country. Its tuition fee is €1000, on average.

4. University of Florence: The University of Florence is a public higher education located in the city of Florence which was established in 1321. It comprises 12 main departments ranging from agriculture and economics to law and medicine. It has up to 53,000 students with 7% being international students. The university is rank 500 in the world. It has a high profile research Centre and forms one of the intellectual hubs of the country. The tuition fee for the University of Florence is €1,070.

5. Free University of Bozen-Bolzano: The Free University of Bozen-Bolzano is a private-public research university located in Bolzano, established in 1997. It has three main campuses in Bolzano as well as Bruneck and Brixen and courses are offered in English, German and Italian. The Free University has up to 20% international students. Courses available in this university are natural sciences, social sciences, education, engineering and economics. The tuition fee at Free university is €1340, on average.

6.  University of Siena: The University of Siena was established in 1240 located in Tuscany. It has 15 academic departments which are into 5 faculties. These faculties are Biomedical & Medical Sciences, Experimental Sciences, Economics, Law & Political Sciences and the School of Arts. There are 22,000 students including international students. It is ranked between 601-700 in the world. Tuition fees are averagely of €1800, at this university.

7.  Ca’Foscari University of Venice: This is a public higher education established in 1868 and seated at the historical city of Venice. The school was originally a business school but has expanded over the years, its economics and modern languages are the best in the country. It has over 25,000 students with 8 academic departments. Students have the option of choosing between Italian and English as a medium of learning. The tuition fee averagely is €1844.

8. University of Bologna: the University of Bologna is the oldest university in the world, which was founded in 1088. It is also the largest university in the country and has over 80,000 students. The university has five campuses located at Bologna, Forlì, Cessna, Rimini and Ravenna, as well as an international campus in Buenos. The university has 11 major schools which are divided into 3 academic departments. It is ranked 65 in Europe and 160 in the world. This oldest university offers one of the cheapest tuition fees in the country which is averagely at €2000.

9. University of Padua: This University is considered to be the second-oldest university in the world, founded in 1222. It has over 61,000 students and rank 78 in Europe, 201 in the World. The University of Padua offers a wide range of course units held entirely in English (mostly at master level). A full fee waiver is offered to fresh students in this university while its tuition is an average of €2500.

10. University of Turin: the University of Turin is a public university located in the city of Turin which was established in 1404. It has a population of 70,000 students and 55 academic departments. Courses offered in this university are Biotechnology, Sports Sciences, Military Sciences and Conservation Studies. It is rank among the top 500 universities in the world. The tuition fee of this university is €2800.

Conclusion: What you just read is the List of Top Cheapest Universities in Italy, based on tuition fee and living cost. If your dream is to study in the country, and you couldn’t get scholarships as an international student, you can choose from the list above and get some freebies in your quest to study in the country. Needless to say, Italy is in of the best place for international study not only for its world-class education but for its educational friendly environment as well as opportunities to work while study. Study abroad can be expensive, but there are many schools that got your back by offering little or free tuition fee for international students.

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