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The Dirties Review: This movie is all about two best friends who decide to make a comedy film highlighting…

The Dirties Review: This movie is all about two best friends who decide to make a comedy film highlighting revenge on bullies; the catch is that only one of them knows the real motive as he harbours a secret ambition to seriously execute a vengeance plan. The Dirties is directed by Matt Johnson and was released on Jun 6th, 2014.

The Dirties Review

“The Dirties” is a strange documentary-fiction hybrid that’s practically Godardian in its narrative trickiness: Johnson stars as a fictionalized teenage version of himself, a socially ostracized film geek eagerly concocting a movie project with his sole pal Owen (

How was the dirties filmed?

In this movie students weren’t told about the film; they assumed Johnson and his team were new students. Johnson shot as before, his two cameras often hidden, all dialogue improvised. He and co-star Owen Williams attended classes as students, cameras shooting them for eight hours a day.

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“The Dirties” contains footage of teens in their natural habitat alongside its lead performances, making it a cousin of sorts with Julia Loktev’s “Day Night Day Night,” in which a fictional suicide bomber lingered with real-life crowds in Times Square.

Who was the cameraman in the dirties?

Cinematography Jared Raab

Edited by Matt Johnson Evan Morgan

Music by Jay McCarrol

Production company SModcast Pictures

 “The Dirties” movie has previously won awards at festivals ranging from Slamdance to Sarasota, so strong word of mouth and Smith’s association with the project may generate decent returns. You can Check Netflix and Amazon Prime availability in your country for this movie.

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