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Do you know that the United States Insurance Company is the best place to compare car insurance quotes from…

Do you know that the United States Insurance Company is the best place to compare car insurance quotes from agents in your area, and also it has the top insurance companies? No lengthy forms to fill out and no nonsense. We’ll instantly connect you with qualified insurance agents who are ready to give you a quote From The United States Insurance Company. We work with some of the best, leading insurance companies in America every day.

United States Insurance Company

Insurance, generally, is a contract in which the insurer agrees to compensate or indemnify another party (the insured, the policyholder or a beneficiary) for specified loss or damage to a specified thing (e.g., an item, property or life) from certain perils or risks in exchange for a fee (the insurance premium).For example, a property insurance company may agree to bear the risk that a particular piece of property (e.g., a car or a house) may suffer a specific type or types of damage or loss during a certain period of time in exchange for a fee from the policyholder who would otherwise be responsible for that damage or loss. That agreement takes the form of an insurance policy.

An insurance company may also be classified by the type of insurance services that it offers. As an example, a monoline company issues only a particular type of insurance, while a multiple line company offers several types of insurance. Further, a financial services company can provide not only insurance products, but also other types of financial services.

The Best Place to Get Covered for Less the Fee

The United States insurance company is one of the cheapest place you can get an insurance quote and you will not pay the same fees as everyone else.

On the United States insurance, you can also get an insurance policy starting with 19.99 dollars.That is to tell you how cheap this company is. There are different types of insurance that can be gotten from United States insurance company.

Types Of United States Insurance Company

There are two types of United States Insurance Company which are:

  • Life, Health. Health (dental, vision, medications, others) Life (long-term care, accidental death and dismemberment, hospital indemnity)
  • Property and Casualty (P & C) Property (flood, earthquake, home, auto, fire, boiler, title, pet) Casualty (errors and omissions, workers’ compensation, disability, liability)

List Of United States Insurance

Non-health Insurance Companies

Company NameMarket Capitalization
Berkshire Hathaway (U.S.)$455.4 billion
Ping An Insurance (China)$187.2 billion
AIA Group (Hong Kong)$111.8
Allianz (Germany)$77.1 billion
Anthem (U.S.)$70.8 billion
China Life Insurance (China)$60.3 billion
Humana (U.S.)$50.5 billion
Chubb (Switzerland)$48.8 billion
Zurich Insurance (Switzerland)$47.4 billion
Progressive (U.S.)$45.2 Billion

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Health Insurance and Managed Health Care Companies

Company Name                                  Market Capitalization
United Healthcare ( UNH)$91.8 billion
Wellpoint (
$34.3 billion
Aetna (AET)$29.8 billion
CIGNA Corp. ( CI)$26.8 billion
Humana ( HUM)$21.1 billion
Centene Corp. ( CNC)$5.7 billion
Health Net, Inc. (
$3.9 billion
WellCare Health Plans ( WCG)$3.1 billion
Healthspring (
$3.7 billion
Molina Healthcare ( MOH)$2.4 billion

How to Get a Quote From the United States Insurance

So many people will be asking how will they get a Quote From the United States Insurance. Well, we shall be showing you how you can get a Quote From the United States Insurance company below;

  1. Follow this URL (here).
  2. Scroll down to find the drop-down arrow
  3. Click it to select the type of insurance you want to apply for.
  4. Add your zip code and click “get a quote”.
  5. Then fill out the form you see with the right information.

Please note this:

  • Insurance companies are important players in the global financial economy, although they may not be as flashy as investment banks or hedge funds.
  • Market capitalization, or market cap, is the value of a company’s outstanding shares.
  • Some insurance companies are mutually owned, in which the policyholders are the owners.
  • Insurance companies come in many sizes and specialize in different policy lines, from health to life to property & casualty.
  • When ranking insurance companies, it’s important to categorize them according to their product line.

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