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To live and Study Abroad in Greece after gaining admission into any accredited higher institution of learning in the country, you must obtain a study visa which will subsequently be followed by a study residence permit, after you might have arrived in the country. European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland citizens are exempted from obtaining study visas, however, they will need to get the study residence permit, if their study period is more than 90 days. In this article, we have full guidelines to obtain both a Greece study visa and a study permit. Let’s begin.

Study Abroad

What’s Greece Study Visa

The Greece Study Visa is an entry permit that is given to international students for study purposes. The visa is issued depending on the study duration. The Short-stay visa, which is also called type “C” is for a study period that isn’t more than 90 days. While, a Long-stay visa, known as type “D” is issued for a study period beyond 90 days.

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All international students are required to obtain the visa before gaining entry into Greece for study purposes, with the exclusion of European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland citizens. However, all students must obtain residence permits once in the country to be permitted to legally live and study therein.

What are the Basic Requirements for Obtaining Greece Study Visa

Below are the requirements that must be met before one can apply to Study Abroad with Greece Study Visa:

  • Applicant must not be an EU, an EEA or a Switzerland citizen.
  • Applicant must not have been denied entry to Greece in the previous year
  • Applicant must have gained admission to study in Greece
  • Applicant must have enough financial support for his/her education in Greece.
  • Applicant must have medical coverage or insurance.

What are the Documents Required to Obtain Greece Study Visa

For eligible applicants that want to Study Abroad, these are the documents required for the application for a Greece Study Visa:

  • A valid passport or travel document recognized
  • Fully signed application form
  • 2 passport-sized photographs
  • Letter of Acceptance from the university in Greek
  • Academic Qualifications and Transcripts
  • Language proficiency test certificate (English or Greek)
  • Evidence of financial support (at least €400 per month)
  • Police report attesting you have a clean criminal record
  • A medical certificate from a state or private institution
  • Travel health insurance
  • Receipt of visa application fee

Steps to Apply for Study Abroad With Greece Study Visa and Study Residence Permit

Application for Study Abroad with Greece Study Visa and Study Permit follows the traditional visa process application, which means that it is done in person at the Greek Embassy /Consulate closest to you. The steps taken to apply are:

Step 1: Get Acceptance Letter

The first step to obtaining a study visa is to apply to study in any of the accredited higher institutions of learning in Greece. Having been admitted, you will receive an acceptance letter, evidencing that you have got admission to study in Greece. The letter is an important document required for the application for the visa. Ensure you print it out and attach it to other required documents

Step 2: Fill Visa Application Form

Then, you need to fill the visa application form. The visa can be gotten online in PDF format or can be gotten at the embassy. You need to consider your study time while filling the application form. Once you are done, gather all required documents and the application form, then get ready for the next step.

Step3: Book Appointment

Log on to the Greek embassy website closest to your country of residence and book an appointment. Some embassies might require to visit them in person to book an appointment.

Step 4:  Attend Interview

On the date scheduled for the interview, proceed to the embassy with all required documents, where you will be quizzed regarding the visa. You will need to also pay an application fee, which can be paid using any means of payment accepted.

 Step 5: Wait for Embassy’s Decision

The authorities in charge of the visa application will process your visa and when the conclusion is reached, you will contact either to provide more information or get your visa

Step 6: Fly to Greece

When you’ve obtained the visa, you can now book a flight and enter the country for that purpose.

Step 7: Apply for Study Residence Permit

In 6 weeks after arriving in Greece, you will need to apply for Residence Study Permit at the Migration Department. The documents required for obtaining the permit are Residence Permit application form; Medical Insurance Certificate (issued by a Greek medical insurance company); Medical certificate (issued by a Greek public hospital); Residence Permit Fee payment; Photocopy of passport; Acceptance letter and Bank Statement. When the document is vetted, you will receive the permit. The permit is subjected to renewal annually.

What’s the Cost of Greece Study Visa and Study Permit Application?

The application fee for Greece Study Visa is €90 while the Study Permit costs nothing less than €150.

What’s the Processing Duration To Study Abroad for Greece Study Visa Application?

The visa should be processed within 7-30 days of application. It is necessary you applied for the visa two months before booking a flight.

Can I Work and Study Abroad With Greece Study Visa

Just like other European countries, students in Greece can work up to 20 hours during the study period, while during the holiday period one can work up to 40 hours a week.


Greece is credited to be the cradle of western civilization, and it is a beautiful place to study. The study visa is issued for non-EU students, while all students, including EU citizens, must obtain a study residence permit studying and live in the country. The application isn’t daunting if you follow the above-given guidelines.

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