Top Football Schools in America | Admission Steps and Requirements

Top Football Schools in America

Top Football Schools in America- In America, football has been part of the college experience for many years. It has a tremendous influence on the life of students and those associated with the college. It has also been observed to affect prospective students’ decisions on which school to choose.

Top Football Schools in America

There are many football college teams in the country that give their fans quality footballing experience and have earned their names based on success on the field in recent or distance history, traditions, or culture of changing legendary coach.

That being said, there is no school you choose that you won’t find a lack of college football culture. However, some are the best in college footballing and, in this article, we shall be discussing the top football schools in America along with their admission requirements and procedures.

1. Ohio State University

Ohio State University is one of the top football schools in America. It was established in 1870 and is home to the Buckeyes. It is located in Columbus, Ohio and the school team plays regular games in the Big Ten Conference and if it plays at home, its stadium capacity is 104,000. Players who graduate from the university or leave early for the draft are known for the great fitness training.

Ohio State University accommodates international students across all countries in the world. Students who want to apply to study at this school can easily apply online. To be able to gain admission, applicants must first submit a Standardized Test Score which can be obtained from Test agents after that, they can proceed to apply for the course of their choice. Students that English is not their first language are required to have proof of English language proficiency as part of admission requirements.


2. The University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame is also among the top football schools in the US, is one of the top football schools in America. It is located in Notre Dame, Indiana, and is an Independent within the NCAA, although the team does play five games a year in the ACC. The school holds 13 national championship titles, second only to the USC Trojans, and also has produced 486 NFL players. It plays its home games at its 80,000 capacity Notre Dame Stadium. The school team is known by fans and students as the Fighting Irish.

To have the best shot of getting into The University of Notre Dame, you must meet its basic academic qualifications and you are to submit a recommendation letter which can be written by your former teacher or lecturer, also you are to explain why you are worthy to be given admission in a brief essay. The application can be carried out online through its website.


3. The University of Alabama

The University of Alabama is located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, was established in 1820. It is the oldest and largest of the public universities in Alabama and is also one of the top football schools in America. The school football team is known as the Alabama Crimson Tide, and it is one of the most beloved football teams in the NCAA. It has won 16 national titles and 29 conference titles.

The school also holds the record for the most NCAA post-season bowl appearances, coming in at 62 appearances. It plays its home game at one of the loudest known stadiums in the country, which accommodates 101,000 fans during game days.

The school only offers undergraduate degrees and the highest-achieving students are drawn to the institution for its transformative opportunities. The school required the same admission documents for both domestic and international students, all of which must be submitted during the online application process. Incoming students are not required to submit SAT or ACT scores for admission, but they must be submitted for merit scholarship consideration.


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4. University of Southern California

This school is among the top football schools in America. It was established in 1880 and is the oldest private research university in Los Angeles, California. The school team is called USC Trojans which is one of the best football teams in America. USC Trojans have won 11 national championships and have produced nearly 500 NFL players. It also holds the record for most Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees, with the number being 12. They play their home games at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, which fits 93,000 fans.

University of Southern California admissions is more selective with an acceptance rate of 16%. So, you must have high academic records with a 1530 SAT or a 34 ACT to be able to get admission into the university. The admission process is online and you must submit a recommendation letter and personal statement during the application process.


5. University of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma is a public research university located in Norman, Oklahoma, and was founded in 1890, and it is also counted as one of the top football schools in America. The football team of the University of Oklahoma has 7 national and 45 conference titles. The team plays in the Big 12 conference, where local rivalries against Oklahoma State and other teams cause the entire state to stop. Its stadium can fit up to 84,000 fans.

The primary factor in the University of Oklahoma’s admission decisions is an academic achievement that focuses on Grade point average (GPA) in core academic courses; Rigor of course selection, and ACT and/or SAT scores. The application is online and there is no application fee.


6. University of Michigan

The University of Michigan is a public research university in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and was founded in 1817. It houses over 30,000 students. Its football team is one of the best in America, known as the Michigan Wolverines. This school is famous for a few things and is also one of the top football schools in America, with attendance being one of the most prominent features of the school. The stadium of this team has 107,000 capacity, and it usually has a ferocious and enthusiastic atmosphere on game day

University of Michigan admission requirements are similar to many other schools. 26% of students who applied to this university are offered admission which means its admission is highly competitive. International students seeking admission to the university must have an English language proficiency test score if English is their second language. Also, you will need to write an essay that will show your ability to write clearly and concisely on a selected topic and helps you distinguish yourself in your voice.


7. University of Texas

Texas Longhorns is the University of Texas’ school team name. It is located in Austin, Texas, and is part of the Big 12 Conference. The Texas Longhorns is known for having a record 108 winning seasons out of 122 seasons altogether and also known for producing two Heisman winners: Earl Campbell and Ricky Williams. Texas Longhorns played their home games at the Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium which seats over 100,000 fans during game days.

The University of Texas is one of the top football schools in America that offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. Up to 32% of students who applied to this school are offered admission, meaning that the school’s admission is very competitive. To apply to study at the university, you are to visit its official website.


8. Louisiana State University (LSU)

Louisiana State University is a public research university in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and was founded in 1853, and it is also one of the top football schools in America. The school’s football team is called The Tigers and its fans are known to be fiercely loyal fans. The LSU Tigers play their home games at Tiger Stadium, which has a capacity stretch of 102,000. The school team has won three national championships and has over 40 former players currently active in the NFL.

Admission into this university is not very competitive. It has an over 73.3% acceptance rate. The application requires a $50 non-refundable application fee. Application is online and the process is easy.



Football forms one major condition that endeared a student to study in a particular university in the US. That’s why most schools take college football as an integral activity. We have helped explored the top football schools in the US along with their basic admission requirements. We hope this article will help you secure your way into one of the top football schools in the US.

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