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Ignorance is the shortest route to failure and frustration. It is known how hard it could be, to apply for jobs in a country like Canada. Knowing the requirements, what to do, and how to do it, therefore, will go a long way in making the process of applying for jobs in Canada easier especially when you’re looking for permanent migration with your family.

Will you need a work permit or not? Updating your resume, how best can it be done to meet up with Canadian standards, and the most effective Canadian job platforms?

In this article, we are going to be helping you note the important steps in applying for foreign jobs in Canada, as well, help you understand how to experience a smooth migration experience with your family. 

What Makes Canada Unique

For you to be reading this, I believe you must have already decided or agreed that Canada is the best option of migration for work for you. As a result of the continued difficulty in getting access to countries like the US, UK, and some other advanced countries, immigrants have found Canada as a more preferred place to pursue their dreams and ambitions. Perhaps, you’re still wondering what makes Canada such a great place; we’ll consider some reasons why Canada is preferred among many immigrants below. 

With numbers of about 0.7% of the population, immigrating each year, which is about 250,000 immigrants per year, Canada has continued to become a destination with the highest immigration rates. Also, since 2008, the employment rate for immigrants has been on the rise steadily. 

  • Cultural diversity: Openness to immigrants is a strong factor that makes Canada the desired destination. Canada’s progressive mentality is revealed by the fact that there are no political parties that oppose immigration, and this goes a long way in making Canada unique among immigrants in the choice of destinations. 
  • Accessible and Affordable Education: The affordability of Canada’s education system has made it more appealing to immigrant parents who value high levels of education for their kids. The education system is also easily accessible, more so, as a result of its affordability. The immigrant parents believe that there are great future opportunities for their kids as a result of the high standard of Canada’s education. 
  • Vibrant Economy: While many other advanced countries are getting unstabilized in the wake of present-day realities and troubles, Canada’s economy remains vibrant and has been viewed as one of the most efficient and strong markets for labor in the world. 

The above reasons make Canada stand out among many other options for immigrants. Canada’s openness and flexibility is one that all immigrants can cope with, and less I forget, the serenity and peaceful nature of Canada’s land is a more reason why it is preferred.

Living Outside Canada? Learn How to Find and Apply for Jobs in Canada

Having considered why Canada could be a great choice for immigrants, it is then safe to go ahead and check out how to apply for foreign jobs in Canada for permanent migration with family. The fact remains that getting job offers from Canada before you arrive in the country is possible, irrespective of the difficulty that may be faced while applying. However, it takes the right knowledge, focus, and motivation to achieve this dream of yours. The following are necessary for applying for a job in Canada.

1. Start with your CV: As with applications that have newer versions of it coming out on regular basis, the same applies to an employee trying to apply for a job, especially in a country like Canada. You have to ensure that you keep checking the standards and requirements of Canada in writing your CV and then equally update it to meet up with the standard. Imagine an employee wanting to impress an employer and he only listed out duties he had formerly undertaken with little or nothing about personal or team achievements, he/she has already failed before the start. Your CV is your first step in the application process for a job in Canada, and how it is written determines how you are viewed as an applicant even before the employer meets you in person. 

2. Leverage on Tools Available: there are certain tools that you can use in your job search. Some tools you to fashion your resume or CV in the format that your employer requires. Also, some tools assist you to be on the lookout for job offers that your qualifications and abilities. Social media tool, LinkedIn is a great way to push yourself out there and also link up with potential employers from Canada. You just have to follow the rules and do the right thing. It is a known fact that recruiters use this tool to source foreign workers from Canada. 

3. Be Strategic: Do not throw the net of your application into the sea of recruiters! The fact is that this method doesn’t work and mostly leaves you more frustrated over time. Responding to online job ads is not an effective way of applying for jobs. It is not advisable to use the same CV or resume for many managers or recruiters, rather strategically position your CV to cater to specific recruiters. Ensure to address your cover letters to cater to the details highlighted in the job opening of each company you’re applying to. 

4. Network more: Networking gives you an edge over others, as it allows you to have access to very important insights, also, it helps you to get contacts across different spheres, socially and professionally. As you get to network more, you are open to relating with potential employers which have u access to cold calling and informational interviews. Networking can also be done professionally via job events and career fairs. Furthermore, getting noticed in Canada could be achieved through volunteer work. 

5. Seek Important Endorsements: networking is important, but if your network and don’t get endorsed or approved by professionals across your field and beyond, you may still risk the danger of not being accessible to job offers, not to talk of applying. Try to get references from previous employers or various professionals, especially as it relates to job offers from Canada.6.

6. Seek Accreditations: there are professions in Canada that have additional qualifications for you to be accredited. It is this accreditation that allows immigrants to be able to get jobs for certain professions. Teaching, nursing, social work, physiotherapy, and so on, do require accreditation. The reason for accreditation is that Canada regulates various professions and trades to protect public health and safety. Also, the accreditation allows you to prove how much your educational qualifications meet up to Canadian standards. You can have your qualifications accredited by undergoing an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) from independent third parties, the likes of World Educations Assessment (WES).

Top Websites with Canadian Job Listings for Applicants living outside Canada


Migrating with Family

Families are meant to stay together, no matter what happens or the physical distance. This is also the understanding of the government of Canada, and as such, there is an allowance for the immigration of families that wish to immigrate and be together. Spouses and dependent children are family members that can be included in the initial visa application for immigrants. 

Requirements are as follows

1. Spouse: your application can be included your spouse or common-law partner, who is defined as a person of any sex (including same-sex) that has been living together with you for at least 1 year. 

2. Children: dependent children of 19 years and below can be included in your visa application. The only exception lies in that children with certain physical and or mental disabilities with no age limit. A dependent child is one of 19 years or below, who has no spouse or partner, or who is financially dependent on you. 

3. Parents and Grandparents: they must be sponsored by permanent residents. This is because parents and grandparents cannot be included in the initial visa application. 


Yourself and your parents/grandparents must co-sign a sponsorship agreement, to be able to sponsor them to enter Canada as permanent residents. The agreement states that;

  • You will provide them with financial support where necessary –such as if they become unemployed, for a period of 3 and 10 years
  • Your parents/grandparents will take all reasonable measures to support themselves financially. 


You may not be able to sponsor your parents or grandparents if:

  • You did not abide by the financial support conditions for another relative you sponsored in the past.
  • You have ever defaulted on a court support order, such as a child support order.
  • Have ever received benefits/financial support from the Canadian government (except support for disability)

Apply for Canadian Foreign Jobs Outside Canada

Getting to this point of the page shows your level of seriousness and your follow-up on this topic. Now, having gone through the details above, you already knew what is required of you to apply for a Canadian job especially if you’re living outside the country of Canada. But there are IMPORTANT tips which you must bear in mind before proceeding to apply for jobs right away, and that includes;

  • Search for jobs without catification requirements, like, sales person, cleaner, cook, driver, or any job under agriculture and food productions. The Canadia recuiters tend to employ more on these categories of jobs, also there is always job vacancies on those too.
  • Apply as many as you can. I mean don’t just stop after applying for about 3 or 5 jobs. Take your time to apply as many as you can to increase your chances of being invited for job interview and work permit processing (by the company(ies).
  • Avoid someone (like agents) applying the Canadian job on your behave; because must times they lack the time and patient to apply as many jobs as possible for you.
  • Make sure your cover letter is well witten. Let’s be frank here; You will be invited if you have followed those guides, but you can lose it if your letter isn’t well witten. So here you may need help to get your cover letter written in the marnal of Canadian standards.
  • Always check your emails for update and follow up respones.

You may proceed to apply now!

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