Portugal Job Sites to Apply for Available Jobs

Do you know that there are many ways to find work in Portugal one of the most effective ways…

Do you know that there are many ways to find work in Portugal one of the most effective ways of applying for jobs in the country is by using the Portugal Job Sites as they allow companies to post job advertisements for free? Thus, if you are seeking sites to apply for available jobs in Portugal, you are at the right place, this article contains Portugal Job Sites to Apply for Available Jobs. Let’s get down to it!

Portugal Job Sites

In this write up we shall be showing you the top list of Portugal Job Sites to Apply for Available Jobs and earn good money for a living;

1. Indeed

Indeed is an international job site that is well known all over the world. It can be used to find jobs in all fields. Most companies relied on this platform to get job seekers interested in the available openings. Indeed gives you constant notification on jobs available in your field if you create an account with them.

Website: https://pt.indeed.com/m/jobs?l=Lisboa

2. Adecco

This is another top employment agency in Portugal. It works with the world’s most renowned brands with a competitive salary and health insurance. Adecco was established in 1989 and has developed its operations through 3 companies and several Professional Business Lines to achieve the international strategic objectives and to present Global HR solutions to all companies. It currently has about 450 job offers available throughout Portugal.

Website: https://www.adecco.pt/

3. Net-Empregos

Net-Empregos only offers job services to those seeking employment in Portugal. This site has top companies registered under them and has somewhat about 35,995 active job offers. Registered candidates on this site are about 4,003,362. It allows you to search for a job in Portugal by city and you can get a notification for the latest jobs if you are a registered member. Net-Empregos is easy and free to use.

Website: https://www.net-empregos.com/

4. BonsEmpregos

This site is another top job in Portugal. It was though created in 2007, it has become one of the best employment portals in the country. There are up to 32,531 job offers active on BonsEmpregos. When you register on this site, you will have the opportunity to upload your resume and also include the salary intended so the right job openings will be sent to your mail.

Website: https://www.bonsempregos.com/

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5. Expressoemprego

When you are seeking a top job site that allows you to search for job openings in Portugal based on cities. It has up to 35,493 job offers and more than 400 thousand potential candidates are registered under this job site.

Expressoemprego has several features for recruiters, such as having your job featured as the ‘job of the week’ or just featured permanently. It also offers support and advice for job-seekers.

Website: https://www.bonsempregos.com/

6. Alertaemprego

Alertaemprego is another job board in Portugal. It has over 600,000 monthly visitors and more than 185,000 candidates registered with them. The site gives job seekers different search options for a job position: the applicant can either do a quick search using keywords for the position or sector, or they can search by location using the map of Portugal’s regions to find jobs in a specific location.

Website: https://www.alertaemprego.pt/

7. JobsinLisbon

This is another job portal for job-seekers in Portugal as well as other parts of the world. It allows you to easily search for jobs openings for free. When you register as a member on the site, you will be asked to upload your CV which will help increase the chances of getting a job offer. JobsinLisbon also offers online courses and it is an affiliate of Udemy.

Website: https://www.jobsinlisbon.com/

8. EmpregosOnline

EmpregosOnline will assist you in finding the desired job opening in Portugal. When you register as a member you will be receiving notifications of job openings through your email. You can also get to search for training programs available in the country. The site has up to 700,000 candidates depending on them to secure their dream job.

Website: http://www.empregosonline.pt/


The job site is the most effective way to find a job in Portugal and other parts of the world. Above are the top Portugal Job Sites to Apply for Available Jobs, so if you are seeking to get jobs in the country, you can check them up. It is important to understand how employment works in Portugal before applying for work in the country.

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