How to Create New Gmail Account – free Account

Gmail which is also referred to as Google mail, as the name implies is a product of GOOGLE. Gmail is a free emailing service used by individual, organization and groups. Is fast and easy to sign up, set up and use. In this article am going to show you, full guild, to Create a New Gmail Account.

Let go straight to business on how to Create a New Gmail Account.

Gmail or Google Mail Official website: Whether your intention is to Sign in Gmail account or Create a Gmail account the ONLY known website for it is

Sign In – How to Login Gmail

  1. Visit Login page
  2. Enter your User ID (which is your email address) and Password
  3. Click the “Sign In”

Sign Up – How to Create a New Gmail Account

  1. Visit Google Sign up pageGmail new account registration form
  2. Click on “Create New Account”Google Sign up form
  3. Fill the form and click the “next step”
  4. The next step will need you to confirm that your phone number is correct. At that point, you will need to choose either for Google to call you or send you SMS. Once you choose one option, you now get the code by call or SMS.
  5. A box will then pop up for you to put in the code is it called or SMS to you
  6. Then verify your Account.
  7. Now you have a new Gmail account.

Make sure to use a working/active phone number because you are going to receive an instant call or message from Google

Why You Need Gmail Account for Business or Personal Use

  1. To send Emails.
  2. To receive Emails from others.
  3. For any Online and Off-line registration. For example, filling job forms online, school registration, etc.
  4. You can use your Gmail account to create Google Wallet account to send/receive money from people.

Download Gmail App for Mobile

Google App is another google product for mobile phones. To get your mail close to you always, then you have to download the Google Gmail App on your mobile Phones. If you are using Android Phones —> go to Google Play store for the application, it is free. For OS go to the iTunes store, it is also free


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