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Do you like trading online? If  YES then is good for you to know about the United States Oil Fund. The United States oil fund is an exchange-traded company. This company’s shares can be bought and then sold on the New York stock exchange area.

United States Oil Fund

United States Oil Fund, LP is referred to as USOF throughout this document. This is a best-efforts offering. USOF will continuously offer creation baskets consisting of 100,000 units to authorized purchasers through ALPS Distributors, Inc., which is the marketing agent. Authorized purchasers will pay a transaction fee of $1,000 for each order placed to create one or more baskets. This is a continuous offering and will not terminate until all of the registered units have been sold. Our units are listed on the NYSE Arca under the symbol “USO.”

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The aim objective of this company is basically for the daily changes, in terms of percentage, its shares net asset value in reflecting the daily changes also, in percentage terms of the spot price of the popular light sweet crude oil. The United States oil fund invests basically on listed crude oil items and products and also other oil-related contracts.

United States Oil Fund | USO Etf Holdings

The United States oil fund was founded on the 10th of April, 2006 by victoria bay asset management. This company is now known as the United States commodity funds and the American stock exchange. This fund opened its first day of trading at $68.25 per share. Just as I have established earlier in this article, the investment objective of this company is to include the changes in the percentage terms of its unit’s net asset value in its evaluation of changes in percentage terms of the spot price of light, sweet crude oil. This is of course measured by the price on the New York mercantile exchange. The performance of this company’s trading is determined by the price of oil through its oil futures contracts.

USO Etf Holdings

Is it safe and advisable to invest or buy USO shares? This is a question that is worth asking. Well, this company has established that it aims at tracking the daily price of oil, but market conditions have made the task nearly impossible. The United States oil fund is a popular way for investors who are looking for a way to attempt trading in oil prices to carry out their tasks. With the information I have shared so far in this article, the obvious answer to the above will be yes. Since USO is till down by83%, it is a better option and way to make a profit from a resurgence in oil prices than other oil stocks such as ExxonMobil or Philips 66.

USO does not take part in the business of taking physical delivery of oil; rather it sells out of contracts before they come due each month, therefore, rolling the proceeds into contracts set for future delivery date. If considered, in a normal market, this may work very fine, but with recent circumstances, nothing is but normal. In general and in all, the United States oil fund is a trading company. And if you are a retail investor out there looking for an oil stock to purchase, this firm is your best choice, you can however try out other stocks from other companies.


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